Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Crossing my fingers

I wasn't that horrible with my eating over the holiday weekend.  Ok, so I did have two pieces of cake....but overall, my calories were not that stupendously crazy.  Yet I stepped on the scales and I was 5 pounds up.  Really?  5 pounds!   I decided to just sit back and drink my water and try to eat right and hope that it dropped quickly.    I stepped on the scales this morning....1 pound down.  So slowly.

However, I'm sitting here and I"m thinking...even if I manage to recoup my holiday weekend gain by my official weigh in day (friday) what a waste of a week.   Was the 2 pieces of cake worth it?   Were all the carbs worth it?

So my plan was to run today.

However, I've noticed in the last day or two that my ankle hurts...especially when I first wake up.  It's not a horrible pain, most just a twinge.  Last night it was really bothering me after I got home from zumba and this morning it was actually a little worse then recent mornings.  So, I'm being a good girl and resting it.  (ha ha ha....well, maybe I should switch the outfit I'm wearing to work....or at least the shoes I'm planning on wearing...ha ha ha...hey, I will kick off the shoes if it bothers me too much)

OH yes, I love my suede pink shoes!

I've got nothing else to say......I'm just refocused....trying not to kick myself for the setback (hopefully temporary!) in my weight loss.......but I have to say......this dang 5 pound fat vortex.  Seriously...what does a girl have to do to get past this 5 pounds?