Friday, August 15, 2008

the plan

I'm just going to cut to the chase today. Stepped on the scales....182.6. Yep, that is up 4.2 pounds from the last I stepped onto the scales...TWO DAYS ago! I'm disgusted...but I knew it would be up before I stepped onto the scales. My rings are super tight denoting some bloating/water retention. 4 pounds of it....probably not...but that's the way the cookie crumbles.

Meanwhile, I'm kicking into high gear my carb down plan. I admit that I'm a carb-a-holic. I love bread and pasta! And I have known for some time that I have to limit my intake. Well...I can honestly say that I've allowed extra to creep back into my diet. SO I'm trying to focus on allowing myself a carb (bread or pasta....I'm not counting the natural carbs from fruits and veggies) once a day. So tonight is I didn't have oatmeal or toast for breakfast. I did not include a sandwich in the lunch I packed. For breakfast I had scrambled eggs and a sliced apple. Lunch was a salad, green beans (surprise eh), and applesauce. Tonight is pasta. YUMMY! We'll see how that works. Hopefully the combination of dropping some un-needed carbs AND switching up what I'm eating will knock me out of the ballpark with weight loss!

Sometimes, I kick myself for weighing everyday. I wonder why I do it. I mean, do I really need to know each day? Well yeah. because what happens if I have a stellar week...but then boom, i start to retain water the day of my weekly weigh in! Too bad..... AND, I know me...if I don't weigh myself, I tend to worry about what my weight is endlessly!! But I only weigh Once a day. I am not one of these scale addicted people. Once a day for me!

Still bummed about the going on's in my world. But moving and poking along this course of life.