Friday, May 30, 2014

Vacation Part Deux

I normally weigh in on Fridays.  However, I have decided to weigh in on Monday.  (My lack of water has been I'm hoping to rectify this now that I'm back home and before my Monday day of reckoning).

Back home?????   What????

Monday, Memorial day was a lazy day at home. We ran a few errands and spent some time at home.  I focused on laundry and packing.  Yes, packing.   But just a lot of relaxing!

Three days.......1200 miles.......4 museums.  I'm going to let the rest of this post speak through pictures!!!

The food....oh the food!

I was however inordinately proud of myself that I actually woke up early....dressed for a run and went out running!!!!!!  It was a fun run too...exploring a new town!

And Museums.....lots of fun museums!

Bethel, NY (the site of the Woodstock Music Festival)

Desilu Studios- Jamestown, NY

Lucille Balls Grave

Lucille Write Air Museum

Lucy Desi Museum
SOOO much Fun!