Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A stark reminder

I haven't weighed in myself in over a week.  Yeah, I know...bad.  Very bad.  I haven't been 100% off the rails with my eating....but lets say I haven't been tracking.   I haven't exercised. (probably since the last day I weighed myself).  I have just been existing.  

I have tracked my food thus far today.  So the line is in the sand.  I have started.....AGAIN.

I have been wanting to restart and do this once and for all.  However, it wasn't until last night when I was flipping through my flickr account looking for a certain picture that I knew was on there.  I was scrolling and stumbled upon these pictures.  

Compared to my current pics?   

  That's enough to make a person cry....wail and gnash their teeth.   But I know I want to be back there again.  Desperately.  So that means that I have to get myself in line.  No ifs ands or buts.