Sunday, June 15, 2008

My day in pictures

I started my day almost exactly as I normally do.....on the exercise bike. I will admit that since I didn't have anything pressing, that I read in bed until 7:30! I felt so decadent! (I'm usually on the bike by 5:30! I knocked out 10 miles in 30 minutes. And then called it quits knowing that I would be having a super busy day!
While getting dressed I realized that I hadn't done laundry in ....ohhh a long time. SO I did laundry and filled up my lines. It's GREAT having super long lines (well...except for the sag...but as you can see the straight tree limbs every 20 feet or so seem to work just perfectly!) 4 loads of laundry complete! (oh yeah, and the bed made also!)
Oh joy...the chipper revisited! I had almost forgotten how much fun I have with this thing! Yes, please take note of the sarcasm! It was slightly better today though, as we bought some earplugs since the last time I used the chipper! I chipped for about 5 hours! That entails walking to the piles of limbs, bending over to grab a limb, pull it free and drag it back to the chipper. Then I had to shove that sucker down the chute (or into the hopper, depending on the size of what I was chipping). Tiring after a while...let me tell you! Not to mention the injury sustained while using the chipper....more on that later.
As if the chipping wasn't enough. I then decided to work on painting the deck and the floor of the screened in porch! Oh yes, and the steps leading to the deck also of course! After painting I headed inside. I showered and folded all the laundry that I had just grabbed off the line. I took the time to actually fix a few things also. Don't ask me what came over me, I usually let things sit until the pile is so huge that I'd rather throw the stuff away! But, I sewed on three buttons today! WOo hooo.
I had just started to make dinner when mom and dad pulled into the driveway. Sorry, this is an old picture (from February of this year). I didn't think to snap a picture of them tonight! Mom and dad stayed for about an hour (while the potatoes cooked....and while I finished dinner). Dinner was grilled chicken (in the best marinade by this little company called FireCreek), mashed potatoes, green beans and for dessert cherries. After dinner I washed dishes again (dang we really need to get that dish washer in and running!) for the second time today!
So now I'm sore from my activity today! SO I'm just surfin' the net and in general loafing around. Oh yeah, and I'm in the middle of painting my nails...toes and fingers! LOL
OH yes....the big accident and injury from today. Once again, sorry for the older is from June 1st of this year. BUT, it has something very important in it. My sunglasses. I was wearing them today. I went to throw something into the hopper and my sunglasses fell off....into the chipper. I went to grab for them...but lets be realistic....I'm not going to dive into the hopper with blades swirling to get a pair of sunglasses! Oh yeah, they shattered into a billion pieces. Todd spread the newly formed mulch from the bag and he said he couldn't see anything remotely looking like plastic! ROFL So yes the injury was the glasses!
I'm hoping that my busy, active and productive day will help eradicate that stupid gain! I've been drinking like a mad woman today. At one point I KNOW I was super dehydrated. It was after my first gallon of water. I knew I was coming to the end of my outside work and I didn't feel like running inside to refill my mug. When I got in here....dang I about drained the 64 ounce jug as soon as it was filled! So I've been drinking steadily! Crossing my fingers!!!!!

Sunday morning check in

Got up this morning and went to step on the scale. I was feeling moderately ok with my weight. I was thinking that I would have maintained yesterday's weight. I exercised yesterday and I had stayed within my points range. But I digress. I stepped on the scales....179.8! What..that's 1.2 pounds up from yesterday! 2.2 pounds in TWO FRIGIN' days!

Ok, my rant is over!

I thought about it a bit while I sat on the exercise bike (well, I was sitting...but I was riding my heart out at the same time). I'm not going to let this beat me! My body is just totally balking about leaving this 180 mark. Thinking about it....I think I was right about this weight for a couple 7th -10th grade. I've read somewhere that when your losing, your body gets to a certain weight that it 'recognizes' and it tries to stay there. Hmmmm....don't know about all that...but ok, we'll go with it. I will push through it! Looking on the bright side, I'm happy to say that for about 2 weeks now I've stayed BELOW that 180 mark. That is a first. During these long last 9 months...I would dip down below for 1-2 days...and then go right back above. SOOO I'm doing good.

My plan of attack. Continue onward. I exercised this morning. I had my healthy breakfast. I filled up my 64 ounce water jug. I'm planning on working outside all day (using the chipper and painting the floorboards of the screened in porch) so I'll be active. I've got to really focus on making sure I drink enough water. Because that's the last thing I see a spike in my weight due to water retention!

Meanwhile, I saw this interesting push up program and I've decided to try it. It is supposed to train me to be able to do 100 push ups. (consecutively...haa haa haa). So anyway, last night I did my initial test. I have to say how many I did? Well...lets just put it this may take me a few weeks just to make it past week one in the training program! Uhhh yeah, I couldn't even do ONE push up. Oh yeah, I could do it if I did it granny style...but proper form...on my toes....NOPE! I can lower myself down without smashing my face into the ground but lift myself back up? Not happening! So I'm going to continue 'trying'.....I guess the attempt and the slowly lowering of myself will help build the muscles that I need. We'll see. Maybe I should break down and do granny style push ups for a bit to build my muscles...hmmmmmmm. Well, I will conquer that also. AND it shows me that while I used to be doing a lot of strength training......I can see where I've fallen off the strength training bandwagon! NOT GOOD!