Monday, April 19, 2010

Back in the saddle

Back on track! No more eating extras. I have 5 days to work for a loss (or at least recoup what I may have gained this have a maintain at my meeting). I was so determined to get up this morning and ride the exercise bike for an hour. I set the alarm for a time that would allow it. The alarm DID go off...but I couldn't drag myself from the bed. I reset it and promptly fell back asleep! Tonight...I've got to do something. Maybe I'll go up to the gym. I was toying with working in the garden tonight...but I may do the gym thing instead. :-)

Soooo, food for today. Breakfast....a fruit smoothie. Lunch, is my normal fruit and vegetable meal.....that leaves dinner and I may actually make another smoothie. Honestly, after eating those higher fatty foods all weekend, my body IS literally craving the fruits and veggies.

The step pedometer steps for last week:
April 12: 8666
April 13: 5039
April 14: 10582
April 15: 2109
April 16: 5406
The average steps 6360.40

I don't know what's wrong with me. I am exhausted. I am totally void of energy (could it be my food.....duh) I feel like crying. Just some kind of emotional glitch I guesss.