Saturday, June 21, 2008


No, there was no change in my weight this morning. I was still exactly 179.8 pounds. I just want to get away from that 180 pound mark! I'm hovering at 179.something now...and I want to put some distance between us!

I woke up and rode the bike for about 45 minutes this mornng. Felt good (to be done...haa haa haa, j/k). I'm at work now and hopefully all this afternoon I'll be working outside. I hope to work some more on the chipping! That's a workout! Last week I was sore...from using muscles that don't normally get used as heavily. I'm thinking that if I work all afternoon, that the pile of trees/brush that I'm currently working on may be almost gone by tonight! That would be sooo awesome! I also want to move the boat and trailer to a different spot in the yard. (further down towards the woods!). The old riding lawn mower needs to be moved down there also! I want them out of my yard proper! :-) So hopefully I can do that today also! If I have the energy, I will also paint a bit more of the floor on the screened in porch. I'm painting it in sections. I've got almost half of it done. I've got about a 5x5 section to finish until I can say that I've done enough to satisfy what NEEDS to be done (bare minimum) for our fourth of July Party. Once I get that much of the floor painted, Todd and I need to borrow the van from mom and dad and get the glass topped table and the small freezer moved over! I've decided that I may for the time being leave the big freezer over at the studio apartment. It's not hurting anything over there..and it's a pretty old freezer. Todd's grandmother gave it to us...and when we moved it over we were afraid that it would die on us as they say sometimes when you move old freezers and refridgerators that the compressor or some such piece of them goes out. The chest freezer is relatively new (actually it was just replaced through warranty last may). That would give us the freezer space that we need at the house....but yet we'd still have the big freezer for storage at the other place. It would also keep my screened in porch a little less crowded. I told Todd taht eventually we would buy another freezer for the house. The old one is ...well old. The seals and such are not the greatest anymore! Energy efficient it is not. Plus, we can move those two things in my parents van! We'd like to get the picnic table...but I'm not sure that will fit into the van! We'll have to measure, but I think we need to get a friend that has a pickup truck to move that one! I can see the end getting closer. Well, maybe not the end...but at least one project closer to being finished!