Friday, March 31, 2017

Going out like a.....

March is almost over!   Where is time going??  The older I get the faster time seems to fly by!!!!  In some ways it's good but in some ways....wowzers!!!!

Since the month isn't over yet I really can't close out the month.....can I????  You know what...most of the numbers for the month won't change throughout the day so I'm going to roll with it.  

In march I set some goals for myself.  Going through them one at a time......

1.  I wanted to get every mile I needed for march.  I wasn't aiming to get ahead on my 2017 miles but I didn't want to fall further behind in March.   In numbers, that meant I needed 172 miles.

 I am happy to say that as of right now...I have 175.91 miles for the month of March.  I don't anticipate a high mileage day for today but that doesn't matter, I nailed this goal!!  

2.  I set a goal of 20 miles of running for the month. 

I did not make this goal. I was close....kinda.  I did better than January.  I did better than February.   I managed to complete 15.5 miles of running.  Goal not achieved but a victory none the less!!

3.  The third goal was to be below 230 pounds. 

I did not even come close to this goal!  I am hovering between 236 and 238. Total failure.   

That said, I'm going to say that I didn't that is a victory!!!

4.  Last but not least I made a hallenge to myself to keep my food intake within a certain caloric range.  The range was between 1200 and 1800 calories.  

I missed the mark on just a few days.  We are talking only 4 days for the whole month that I totally blew my calories!!!!   Not exactly hitting my goal but not exactly a failure either!!!

So for March I see progress...some successes but progress for sure.

So what are the goals for April??

If at first you don't succeed...try try again. So that tells you that am going to stick pretty close to the same goals from March.

Almost exactly the same with just a few minor changes.

1.  I want to complete the miles for April so that I do not fall behind, but I would like to cover at least 25 miles extra to start cutting into the deficit if mikes that I wracked up in January and February.   In March we rode 4 times and that was the factor that bumped me over the edge.   So honestly I just need to add two more bike rides!   It is very important to start working on that deficit because while it may be easier in the summer to meet my miles, I know that when it gets cold in November and December it will be difficult.  I want to roll into the fall months with a nice surplus of miles sitting in the hopper!!!

2.  I want to complete 20 miles of running!   My work schedule for the month of April gives me 9 good options for mornings to run.  So even without finagling different running times into my schedule I can manage to hit 20 miles by continuing to run my short loop that gives me about 2.15 miles.

3.  Lose weight!!  Of course I want to lose and I'm reinstating that below 230 goal.  I can do it!!!!!!!   At the very least I want to be away from the boomerang weight of 238.

4.  My plan is to continue to track everything and stay within the 1200-1800 calorie range.  Ideally I would like to be lower but I also know that more hiking , biking and running the more hungry I will be.  The caveat???   I am allowing myself one day a week to not worry...a cheat day per day!!!! Not planning on using it much...but I'm ok with it!  Because life happens!!!   So four days over 1800 allowed!!  

So pretty much the same!!!!!   The only difference?  I'm going to rock all of the goals in April!!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Weigh in day

We thoroughly enjoyed our last day at the ocean.  I went back on my last post and added in a sunrise picture...but we enjoyed the sunrise and the sound of the waves crashing below our balcony and we slowly and lazily got moving to start our last day.


It was a joy so good food day.  We had Thrasher's fries and I picked up a ham and cheese sandwich.   We walked on the boardwalk and pier and we indulged in some deep fried Twinkies.  And of course rough home Fishers Popcorn.

We left there and headed to Assateague Island.  We grabbed the bikes off the car and pedaled over to the Rackcliffe Plantation.  It was closed so we couldn't go in...but we peered in the windows. 


  After that it was up and over the bridge and onto the island.   We explored the closed state park and campground first.   When we got to the far back section of the campground we pushed our bikes over the dunes and down to the beach. 

I couldn't resist a picture of our bikes at the ocean.


Then we decided to ride out bikes down the beach to the next crossover location on the dunes.  I knew that would put us into the national park portion of Assateague.  


It was crazy fun to ride on the edge of the surf....and a crazy good workout!!! 


After a mile or two we headed back over the dunes and into the national park (no fear...walkers and riders are free anyway so we weren't cheating the government by going in the 'backdoor' without paying).  We rode around and checked out several places in that park and then headed back to the car. And saw lots of wild horses.  We got back to the car at around 4....and after loading the bikes on the car we headed for home.

All in all with my weekend miles of walking and riding I managed to get all but 4.15 of my march miles completed!!!  4.15 shouldn't be any problem considering I still had 4 days left in march when I got back from the ocean!!

Tuesday morning I pushed myself to go for my run.  I was sore from the 'mad miles we put in over the weekend'. It was a sloooow and achy 2 miles but I'm satisfied that I did them. 

So I've been running with google music lately.  I have up until the last month always had a playlist on my phone and used that.  Google music is working for me.  I sometimes hit a song or a list that I don't particularly like but it's been good.   I hear new stuff and stuff I haven't heard for years while I'm running.   I just have to stop hitting the music icon to pull up my playlists when I start running (I currently have no playlists on my phone!).    

So the big did this all affect my weight.  Yesterday I popped onto the scales and I was tickled to see that I was at 236.8.   That was where I was two weeks ago so I was happy. This morning I stepped onto the scales and I was back at that boomerang weight of 238.4.   In fairness it could be the deep fried Twinkie catching up....or the salty popcorn that I ate last night!!!!  

Monday, March 27, 2017

Just maybe

The other day I wrote that I had something like 56 miles to put on my body in order to cover the march miles I needed for my yearly goal and to meet my monthly goal of not adding to the deficit of miles..  I was worried about it for sure.....56 miles inn something like 7 days was a tough act!   But something happened and while I don't have the actual figures yet....I may be in good shape to make this month's miles.

What happened?   A wee itty bitty trip to the beach. 


Yes I'm actually still at the beach....and that is why I don't have my exact figures.

We brought our bikes to the beach and on the first day we rode for 2.5 a 3 hours......probably about 15 miles (I have to estimate because we didn't clock I'm estimating low since we did stop to look at one or two things in that time!).   On top of that we walked about 5-6 miles too!   So around 20 miles on Saturday!    


It was overcast but we still got nice pink faces /sunburns in Saturday!  The weather was fabulous....teeshirt weather!!!! (Wish occasional bouts of needing a sweatshirt!)

Sunday temperatures were the polar opposite of Saturday....barely 40° degrees...windchill in the mid 30°'s ....windy...drizzly....not conducive to riding.  We were wearing winter coats.   We walked on the boardwalk(the original plan was to walk the length of the boardwalk) but quickly decided to give it up because it was so cold.  So we hit up the Lifesaving Museum....neither of us had ever been there.  It is in an old life saving station building that was beautifully restored and maintained and it has historic lifesaving artifacts and pieces of the history of the boardwalk.  I couldn't resist taking my picture with the creepy laughing lady that used to be in Jeater's funhouse in the early 1900's!
We were in North Ocean City for lunch so we drove by the Fenwick Lighthouse....closed for the season but apparently you can't go up in it anyway so we saw it and are markings it off of our 'been there together' list. 
We also drive over to Berlin, MD and hit up some antique stores. And walked through the visitor center at Assateague Island. We drove a bit on Assateague Island but only to the pay/entrance gates.   Of course we saw some of the wild horses.
We didn't pay to go in because it was getting was cold....and most importantly we plan on going back today, our last day at the beach.

So I woke up this morning to a sunrise...the picture doesn't do it justice.
The plan is to hit the boardwalk once again for one or two little things (yeah,junk food...Thrasher's French fries (a boardwalk style fry) and some Fishers Popcorn.  And then we are heading back to Assateague with our bikes.  We will park at the visitor center (which is before you enter the island) and hop on hr bikes.  We plan on exploring the island on our bikes.  One because it's a fun way to explore but secondly because bicycle and foot traffic supposedly enter for free versus paying $20!   Why should we drive past the gate, pay $20 hop on our bikes and ride around in the park AND ride the trail  to the visitor center and back when we can park outside of the park, ride the visitor center trail in, explore and then ride it back.   Change the order of exploration and we save twenty bucks!!!    We have bike locks so we can spend some time on the beach...or we will simply take our bikes with us (we are planning on washing the bikes on the way home anyway to rid them of all the salt that probably accumulated due to the salty air!)

So all of this to say that I've probably knocked close to 25 miles off of the 50-some needed and I'm sure to get 10-20 more today!!!  By golly I'm gonna do it!!!

Oh...eating hasn't been horrid but it's not been stellar!   I haven't entered my food intake into MyFitnessPal...I'll catch up tomorrow when I'm home and back in my normal routine.  

Oh and tomorrow is a run day!   There are some more miles too!!!!

And when I finished the post the sunrise was gorgeous!!!


Friday, March 24, 2017


I went running today.   I cut it was 37° and starting to rain.   Not a good combination.   I can handle one or the other..:not both.   Besides, time was running out.   It wasn't a spectacular run but it wasn't a bad one.

The biggest thing today is that I just feel blah. I don't know why.  I haven't felt this way in a very long time.  I don't like it!!

Even crazier?  Usually running throws me into a good 'high'

Oh well....

My 2017 in 2017 goal....and more specifically my goal for march to not run any deficit in my mileage update.

I am sitting at 119.07 miles (not including my 2.14 run miles from this morning).  That means I need 52.97 miles in 8 days.   That is 6.62 miles a day.   It's supposed to be nice this weekend and we are planning on having the bikes maybe....just maybe!!!! It will be close I think!!!!

And looking at the march goal page we may as well talk about the other goals right now....

20 running miles.    The snow messed me up for sure!!  (Yes that's an excuse!). I am at 13.29 miles.   I have to run 6.71 miles to make that goal. Yeah next week there is only one day of the week that I can run on the morning....that could put a damper on meeting that 20 miles...because I am so not ready to run a 6.71 mile run!!!!!

The 1800 or less calories a day...there were a few days that I was right at 1800 calories and only 4 days I went totally over!!!!  Not a win but not a total loss!!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Bad luck or no luck

Moving along chronologically....(weekly weigh results at the end of the post)....

If I didn't have bad luck....I'd have no luck at all!!!   After a large chunk of change spent on my car in December and January...and one or two other financial blows in January I struggled to pull myself out of the financial mess!  Last weekend  I made the comment that this paycheck SHOULD put me back on savings left but no outstanding bills/debt!!!  Which meant let the savings begin!!!

On Monday night I was driving down the interstate and kabaam, loudest I've ever heard a rock hit....and of course my windshield now has not one...not two...not three...but four spots of damage!!  Yes I have comprehensive coverage but still...a deductible is still hard to cover when you make what I make (Peanuts would be an increase of pay. Let me just say...I live with my parents because I can't afford an apartment on my own!).  Grrrrr!

Then Tuesday morning I went to use my Aftershokz headphones (mine are not pink...I have plain black ones)


And they won't snyc with my phone.   Really?????   The last time I used them I noticed that one of the sides was floppy..that the plastic casing was cracked but they still worked.  In the interim of noticing that and Tuesday morning, I reset my phone back to factory settings and wiped everything clean.   After the reset, my Fitbit connected via Bluetooth just fine...but my headphones no longer will sync!    Grrrr. I don't have the money for new headphones!!!    I will research and see if there is anything else I can do (I've already done the basic things that they recommend!) but I fear with the crack/floppy arm that they have reached the end of their life.

So then.....

I woke up at 5am and I so didn't want to run.  (I wouldn't have gone out until 7 anyway) So I went back to sleep and woke up at 7.   I still didn't want to go but knew I needed to!   So I tried to find an excuse in the weather.  Because I was NOT running if the weather was miserable.  I even told myself I wouldn't run if it was under 40°.  And I even chuckled because I just knew it wouldn't be over 40°.   Boy was I wrong!  So I went out!   It wasn't a fast head started hurting shortly into the foot ached...but I did it!!

So yes...I did run on Tuesday morning...with wired ear buds.   (Yuck...running with wires again after a few years of freedom....yuck!   And earbuds...those darn things never stay in my ears!!!! Yuck!)

So the foot ache?   My planters fasciitis has been kicking a bit lately....and also the tarsal nerve.   The plantar hurt while I ran...the tarsal nerve started when I got home. luck at all!!

Course that's not true....I lucked out when I met Jason!  

On Tuesday night Jason and I walked outside after work. The weather was delightful...a sweatshirt was all we needed and even that seemed warm while we were out walking.

Wednesday morning?   Back to cold.  What's up with this weather!!!!!

I weighed in for my weekly official date with the scales.  238.0.   Grrrr. That's up 1.2 from last week but down .8 from two weeks ago. 

The monthly ick is hanging out this week so that could have affected my weigh in....but let's be eating hasn't been stellar or late!!!  So let's just say it wasn't a good weigh in...but yet I was relieved at my weight!

So onward and upward. Or rather downward on the scales!!!!!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Boomerang weight

So the other day I talked about my two meals of Chinese and the fact that it was ok as long as it was only one day!  My last few weeks have not been the greatest.  I was at the top end of my caloric range for the last umpteen days!  Not off the rails but definitely not where I should be to be losing!!!!!  Just too much and poor options.  

I haven't looked too much at my miles since last week....half of the weekend my Fitbit was uncharged....and my charger wasn't anywhere near.  Oops!

Exercise for last week and this weekend....nearly non-existent!    

The whole week was pretty much a crazy week of just skimming and doing nothing to get myself to my goals.

So I was really nervous about stepping onto the scales for my unofficial weigh in this morning.   Very nervous.  I had teetered at 238 pounds for weeks...and last week got down to 236.  I was afraid I had gone right past 238 into the 240's!   Luckily it wasn't that bad.   I'm like a boomerang that is returning to 238.....that must be my current boomerang weight!   Shucks!   But I did it to myself!!!

We had a relaxed weekend.  We did some shopping, explored an old chapel and graveyard,

Went to some antique stores and an old mill....

And just relaxed together.

I saw this bumper sticker at one of the shops we went to...


I used to sign emails and blog posts by finishing off with 'think thin'. And that is so true.....

And then at another one I saw this...

How perfect since that is after all part of my blog title!!!

They both simply reminded me of where I want to go and what I have to do to get there!!!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday wrap up

I don't have any wise words of wisdom or any great epiphanies today. 

It was a ho hum week.  Thusly, I will bullet point this post!  

***I am ready for the snow and ice to be gone off the roads and sidewalks.  I'm ready to run!!!!   Yeah I could probably still go but I don't want to have to worry about slipping on he ice that is still hanging out!  Not worth breaking anything.   

***I have been hungry for Chinese for WEEKS!.   Yesterday I ended up eating Chinese food for lunch AND dinner.  And I had ice cream after dinner.  Yeah my calories were way high.  I'm not panicked about it.  I am trying to live....I am trying to figure out how to balance normal life with a healthy eating and healthy lifestyle.   That means that some days will be high calorie days.  The trick is making it just ONE calorie day and not a week of high calorie days...or a month of high calorie days!!!  That means today I have to keep my eating spot on!!

***I surprisingly have gotten more steps then I thought I would get this week.   Without the running and nice warm evening walks with Jason my steps just don't happen!  I only reached my step count goal on Tuesday the day of the snow.  This week has pretty much eaten up my big credit of steps that I built up with my bike rides, runs  and long hike of last week.   Luckily I'm still running a credit balance of 6.7 miles....but I will lose that quickly if I don't step it up!!!

***We have gone to the park a few times since the snow to feed the ducks, geese and swans.  I know that they are fine and will not starve and in fact are NOT starving. But it's cold and snowy (the sidewalks are still mostly snow and ice covered at the park) and I know that they are not getting as many visitors to the park to feed them and we show up with food and within minutes we have hundreds of water fowl surrounding us.   They are so anxious to get their fair share of food (or more food then the others cuz they are greedy) that they are brushing up against us like dogs and cats.  They are stepping on our feet and squawking when we try to move them off of us!  One goose was literally goosing Jason the other day!   Sadly I didn't get a picture!   It has been fun!!!!  We are so inundated with animals on these days that even the ducks were trying to eat out of our hands and getting close!  (The mallards are typically very skittish and while they come out of the water they don't get close to us and the wood ducks usually don't come out of the water usually).  Let me tell you....$7 for 50 pounds of cracked corn is a cheap investment in lots of fun!!!!  (On Tuesday we dropped about 20 pounds of cracked corn...probably only 10 pounds yesterday.....normally on warmer days we go through a lot less!!!!). Oh and the side benefit of feeding the animals?   We are walking at the park!!!

*** My water consumption is spotty...some days I nail it, others I am lucky to finish one bottle.   I need to get on top of that!!

The weekend is just about here!  Hopefully the weather will be clear enough for a nice long hike!   And I am crossing my fingers that winter is on it's way out and that I can enjoy those nice summer night walks with Jason, balmy bike rides, and all the warmth!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Weigh in day

For some reason I was dreading weighing myself today. I don't know why.   It's not as if I was horrible.   I didn't manage to keep myself at the low end of my caloric target (1200) but I managed to stay within the range, allbeit at the top end of that target range.  I hadn't drank near enough water though.....but I didn't think of that until after the facts. So I don't know why I was nervous...but I was!

Regardless, I stepped on the scales.   Woohoo.  236.8.  So that's two down from my official weigh in last week and 1 down from my weight every other day last week.   I'll take it!!

Running this week....not really happening.   I'm not risking life and limb to run on sidewalks, roads and alleys that are still snowy/icy.   

Yes we got snow yesterday...about 8 inches give or take.   I was out for about two hours shoveling, cleaning off cars and playing in the snow.  I was active the whole time but my Fitbit was only registering 4000 steps when I came in.  Uhhh after two constant hours of movement.    I think not!    So apparently shoveling and car cleaning falls into the realm of activities that my Fitbit doesn't detect enough movement.    Regardless....I moved the rest of the day and still registered over 11k steps. snowman was wearing sunglasses and a bikini! 

I've been thinking a lot lately about excuses.  Some people have an excuse for everything in their life and they never accept responsibility for anything. Annoying as all get out!!).  These people complain all the time about their life and how horrible it is...but always have an excuse as to why they can't change.  They just wallow in their self pity and will never change for the better .  Some people take control of most things but just come up with excuses for the biggies.   These people can sometimes change but if they do it's by luck and/or takes forever.    And thirdly, there are people that say 'no excuses'.  They own up to their problems and roadblocks in life and if something is physically /emotionally/financially/ etc impossible they find a work around and complete the task anyway.   These people see change.   And can I dare I say happiness?

Success in this journey (and life) is taking no excuses.   Stop saying 'these are the cards I've been dealt' and kick this cards to the curb.   Medical conditions?   Nope not valid.  Not at all!!!  I've seen people with terrible mental disorders lead productive lives....I've seen people with horrible physical disformaties  compete in bike races .....medical conditions are  not valid!!!  Time constraints?   Unconvenience but definitely navigable!!  They are simply excuses.   If you want something bad enough you will find a way!!!!

I want to be's time to find a way!!!!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Where is spring??

The snow of Friday never amounted to much.   A dusting in the ground and a bit of slush on the side roads.  It didn't delay or affect anything....obviously not my run.   I made the comment that 'ok we had a robin snow....spring is here'.  I guess I was wrong.

So. For my running.  This week  I should  run on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings (according to what works best with my work schedule).   I'm not quite sure that is going to happen though.   Why????


Yeah, that doesn't look good.  The arrow is where I live.  So it could be worse I guess."

So who knows what this will do to my runs and my mileage goals for the month and year!

The weekend was cold so we headed down into D.C. And visited Madame Toussauds Wax Museum.   
We also made wax hands.....

Which we played with at home later...

And we got even sillier as we texted pictures back and forth.

After we left the museum we headed across town for a walk.   You see, there was a store we wanted to visit so even though it was a few miles we decided to walk there!   We saw lots of pretty buildings and churches!!!

 And then we walked about another metro station and went home.   Lots of steps.

I'm not sure what the week will bring....
......but hey, if it's really snowy I will at least get a fair amount of exercise in with all the shoveling!!!!!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Comedic Horror

Lots of little things to say today....and some questions to answer....but first, today's run!!!

It was snowing....but that didn't deter me.   I was planning to run and a little snow wasn't going to keep me from it!!!
I headed out with a smile on my face...

It was a run that transcended the lines between comedy and horror.

As I said , it was snowing.  So I layered up and headed out.  Almost immediately I noticed that it must have rained for a while before it turned to snow (very heavy wet snow) because there was a ton of puddles.  Not a problem, I sidestepped them and knew that when I invariably stepped in a puddle that my feet usually don't get too wet.   But then about 1/4 of a mile from home I stepped into a puddle with my right foot.  And the right foot stayed pretty dry.   But the splash washed over my left foot and it was effectively soaked!!!!  All I could do was laugh at that point.   I kept running!!

About a half mile from home I started to feel that something wasn't right. And it was not  right with my pants!!!!  Yes, my britches!  I was wearing a pair of satiny feeling underlayer beneath my pants.  It felt like the satiny layer had slipped down.  I continued running and reached around and dug my hand into the back of my pants to grab the offending garmet.  But I just couldn't quite grasp it!  So I whipped off my gloves and with bare hands reached into the seat of my pants yet again....still running!   Once again I came up empty, but I could feel the pants slipping even further.  The waistband now felt like it was wrapped around my upper thighs.   I had to stop!   And what I found horrified under t layer was perfectly in place!   It was my outer layer!!!!!  I was literally losing my pants!!!!   What a sight that must have been!!!

I fixed my wardrobe malfunction and immediately started running!   I reached into my pockets and pulled out my gloves.  They were already wet and I had pulled them off so quickly that they were all twisted inside out.  It took me about a 1/4 mile to get them right side out and back on my hands.  And that pretty much wrapped up mile one!   

The snow continued to fall. Mile two was pretty uneventful...a few more puddles...and each time the water splashed my other foot.

Mile three is where it got ugly!!!   I was COLD!   The alleys and sidewalks were turning slushy and slick.  And my gloves and clothes were totally wet and my nose was running and I had no place to wipe my nose!  (Yeah I have a bunch of pair of cheap gloves that I just wipe my drippy nose on and then throw in the wash when I get home). I may have shed a tear or two during mile three.

Mile four....I was just numb.  It was uneventful....although I probably had snot bubbles because I still couldn't wipe my nose!!!

I only kick myself because I got home and saw that I was at 3.78 miles.  I went inside.   Now I wish I would have run around the block to push myself over 4!!!

The cheeks are much more rosy after the run!!!

My clothes were soaked the whole way through to the bottom layer.   My sweatshirt heavy and wet with moisture!!!  But I did it!!!


My weight...I lamented on Wednesday that my weight had been 237.4 on Monday and Tuesday and had popped up a pound for my official weigh in on Wednesday.   Well what do you know, my weight on Thursday and Friday was back to the 237.4.   Isn't that nuts?????


I occasionally pop in a graphics of my calories and nutrients into my blog.....something like this 
I was asked the other day where I got my graphics.   It is on the MyFitnessPal the app on my phone.   At the bottom of the daily diary page there is a button that says nutrition....the charts are behind that button!

A few months ago someone asked how I post my blog posts from my phone.   I was using an old unsupported app. It was contankerous and I struggled with it and it was crashing a lot!   Well I wiped my phone clean this past week and of course lost that unsupported app.   I started searching and came across blog touch.   I tried the free it seemed to work.  But they won't let you post on the free version (what a crock...what's the use of having a free version if you can't go the whole way through the process....I just figured the free would block features such as adding videos and links etc) I decided to go for it...and paid the $4.99 for the blog touch pro.   I can insert links (always pain on my old app) and pictures and all sorts of things.   I've posted with it twice not and it seems to be working (it better for a paid app!!)


What about my 2017 in 2017 goals....and in particular my march goal to NOT fall further behind.  I am happy to say that I am happy to say that I am actually 16 miles AHEAD of where I need to be....thanks to two fabulous bike rides on Wednesday and Thursday!!!   We rode on the canal both days.   It was a bit windy!!!!  

 We also got off our bikes to investigate an abandoned building...the spring house was neat!!!!

And I saw my first daffodils of the season in bloom!!

My weight might not be moving fast...but I'm living a healthier life!!!!!

Wednesday, March 08, 2017


Some days weight loss is frustrating!   Totally frustrating!!!!!!

When frustration sets in we come up against some choices.   Here are three major options.  One, we can throw up our hands and give up. Secondly we can continue going on the healthy path with no changes .    Thirdly we re-evaluate and move on.   

So I was looking forward to my weigh in today.   Let me lay out the daily weigh ins.

Last Wednesday... 238.4

Last Friday....236.8 (woohoo)



Yes I really wanted to see the 236.8 again this morning but I was happy knowing that I would most likely see 237.4...which would still be a loss!!!

I woke up thirsty in the middle of the night and this morning which worried me....(I drank a ton yesterday I shouldn't have been thirsty. Historically when I'm thirsty my weight is up a bit...water retention I guess.).  

Regardless, I stepped onto the scale. Dang it....238.4!    Really a straight maintain??????  

Ok so I'm glad it's not a gain!   I will put that out there right away!  

What in the heavens is happening with this?????

Ok so those three options I spoke of earlier?   Number one, giving up?  Not a valid option.

So that leaves me with continuing my healthy choices and reevaluating.  And I plan on doing a combination of the two.


Not too bad calorie wise since I aim for between 1200-1800.


Looks really good when you add in the exercise.

But this breakdown showed me what needs to change.


My carbs need to be cut back.   As sad as that is.   More veggies and fruits...which doesn't upset me in the slightest!

Other than that...continue onward.

As for running, I did miss my run yesterday. I woke up and it was cold AND raining.   Cold I will do easily.   Rain I will do when it's not cold.   But the combination of the two for me was a no go!   I had no regrets but I will say that I was bummed to miss my run!!!!!

Monday, March 06, 2017

Practicing What I Preach

Not regrets eh?   Yes late last week I wrote a post about regrets.   It was stemmed from the fact that on Wednesday I had skipped my run and regretted it.....and from that I made the conclusion that I usually only regret NOT doing something.  I had also made a statement that my plan for three runs that week wasn't lost since I still had Saturday morning.  Well .....cue the opening music for Saturday morning ....

It was early Saturday morning (too early to be awake if truth be known!).   I talked to mom, folded the laundry that had dried overnight and watched and episode of 'Vikings'.   In my mind I had it worked out how my morning would proceed!  When it came time for me to gear up to run I did the natural thing.  I picked up my phone to check the weather.   That's important because I needed to know how to dress. Lots of layers or the oh so wonderful one teeshirt?  What was it to be?   It took a few seconds to load the weather and I just wanted to cry.    20° with a 'feels like/windchill' of 10°.  Brrrrrrrr.  I debated...but then said 'no regrets' and put on a few layers of clothes.

It was cold.   The cold went right through my gloves...for the first few minutes. But the act of running produces heat and magically I was pretty much ok temperature wise for the rest of the run!  Early into the run though I just knew that the victory would be in completing the base mileage that I had set in my head as my goal.  It just wasn't a 'magical' run where everything feels fantastic!

No fears...I got it done!!  And guess what....I felt great when it was over!  I was proud of myself when it was over.  I had absolutely no regrets!!!!

When I had left the house I hadn't heard anyone stirring so I left a note on the inside of the door saying, 'I am out running, be home and such and such time, if you leave do not lock me out!' .  When I arrived back home I found the piece of paper hanging on the outside of the door with a new note written on it....

It says Door is always locked to keep the rid raf out!   And signed management.

Yes, when I opened the door and pushed my way into the house he yelled out from the kitchen, saying 'Hello rif raf, I thought I locked the door!'  That's my dad!  (And the best part....he felt good enough to make the joke!!).  Hahaha dad!

Jason and I hiked over the weekend and although I was achy when we were done, it was fabulous to get out!!

This is some kind of old foundation along the Appalachian Trail.

And the first overlook we hiked too....
An icy spring 

And a later overlook the top of Hogback Mountain.

At one point when we were climbing to the top of Hogback Mountain I was seriously wondering how my run on Monday was going to go after the leg workout the hike was giving me.   But I was determined to run on Monday!

Cue the music for Monday morning........

Ahhh it was a bit nippy at 30° but there was absolutely no question in my mind that I was running.   Even when my parents invited me to breakfast...I declined the offer...I had a run to complete!!

I could feel the effects of the mountainous hike while I ran....and I didn't set any records for my pace...but 3.42 miles have been recorded!!!!!!!

Friday, March 03, 2017

No regrets

I planned to run three times this week.   With my schedule the most obvious and easy days to run were the days that I came in at 10 in the morning.  This past week that was Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  No problem!   Monday came and I pulled on my running gear and hit the road.  Day one down.   Wednesday morning rolled around.  I checked the weather.  It was close to 60° but had a 30% chance of rain for the morning.  That wasn't bad odds!!!  I laced up my shoes and made it to the front door. My mom called out 'its rainy'.  I looked out the window at the wet roads and even though there was no precipitation falling from the skies, I retreated and chose not to run. My decision was in no way my mothers fault...I made the choice.  Me and me alone!  But an hour or so later when my mother looked out the window and announced that my brother was just getting back from his bike ride the regret started!

All day long when I saw that it was nice and that it didn't rain until the mid afternoon. I regretted it.  

On Thursday morning when I woke up to cold and high winds I regretted losing that nice warm run the day before.   The whole time I ran I regretted the loss of that fabulous running weather from Wednesday!

Now as for the three runs...I don't work Saturday so I should be able to make up the list run!  But I still regret losing Wednesday!!!!

Regrets.   As I ran on Thursday I was thinking about regrets.   And I started thinking about regrets in my life.

1.  I regret not leaving my marriage when it first fell apart....happiness could have come my way so many years earlier.
2. I regret not trying to lose the weight at a much much earlier age!
3. I regret not stopping the weight gain after I had lost all the weight!
4. I regret the fact that I was running consistently and I stopped and now I have to start at close to scratch!  (Ok not scratch because I can run a mile...but it's slooow....much slower than when I was running consistently!)
5. I regret not having kids.
6. I regret not putting my health as a priority for so many years.
7. I regret not pushing for a different career path!
8. I regret the fact that I did not run on Wednesday!!

Wow all of my major life regrets were from things I didn't do!!!!    I realized that I never regretted trying something!  My major regrets in life were for NOT doing something!!

The decision to 'not' do something was the catalyst for regret!     So that of course made me think about that runnin Wednesday.  Why had I stopped and given up?? Was I afraid of getting wet?   I've run in the rain cold rain too!    Was I afraid of the cold?  Nope, I had run many runs in cold!!!!!   I just didn't because the rain was an excuse to be lazy.   And I regretted it!!!

Never once have I gone out running and said 'I regret that run!!!!   I shouldn't have gone!   I ALWAYS come back feeling like a million bucks!!   Maybe a bit sore but emotionally recharged and full of energy!    When I pound out a mile or two in some vicious weather I feel like a Viking warrior that has just completed a successful raid!!!!  Totally bad ass!!!!

I want to live a life of no regrets!!!!!   That means I have to do what I set out to do and stop doubting myself so much that I give up and stop!!!

Now for the nitty gritty......bullet point style...just because I can.

**My food is still not the greatest but that just gives me room for improvement right?  I am under that 1800 calorie goal that I set though!!!!

**As I mentioned I did run on Thursday.  I was actually very pleased with my run.  I was just about one minute faster per each mile!  I felt strong and would have gone further but I got a bit of a late start and didn't have the extra time!!!

**I'm drinking my water...some days it's the bare minimum of what I aim for (64 ounces) but I'm drinking!!!

**This morning my heel has bothered me.   Planters Fasciitis hurt.  Nooooo!!!  I do not want that planters fasciitis to read it's ugly head!  If I had KT tape with me I would be taping my foot.  I will be doing that tonight to try to nip this issue in the bud!! I will be freezing a water bottle and rolling my foot tonight too!!!  In the meantime I have a bottle of unfrozen water under my desk and I am standing and rolling my foot on that!!!

**I am planning a run tomorrow morning!   I've got some mileage to make for my running goal for March.  And we are hoping to hike this weekend also!!!

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Let's roar it's march!!!

March  has arrived...and with it new ideas and goals....or rather challenges for myself!!!

First up...where do I stand on my plan to prop myself 2017 miles in 2017????

I ended January with a deficit of 47.93 miles.

I ended February with a deficit of 53.05 miles.

February would have been a lot worse had the weather not cleared up!   I lost a good portion of one week due to being sick.  But then the weather turned gorgeous....and jason and I got out and rode our bikes....and walked...and got active outside and the miles started adding up.   But still I ended up with a deficit.

So that makes a year to date deficit of 100.90 miles.   That's a lot of miles to recover!!!

I'm still not gravely concerned.   I know how many miles I'll get when the weather is nice.   February was looking really bad until the weather turned nice and in that week or so of nice weather I was dropping some nice mileage days (walking and bike combined).   In that week I managed 46.44 miles...which is almost 10 over what I had originally projected for my weekly needs!  I can still do this!!!!  Running three times a week will help because even though right now I'm only running 2.5 miles, I know that as I get back into it I will be pushing  that to 3, 4 and 5 miles at least for each run.  Well heck, if I run 5 miles I pretty much already have met my mileage goal for the day....and anything else is just icing on the cake (aka as working off that deficit!!) I also know that when the weather is nicer (and it's light later ) that jason and I spend a lot more of our evenings out walking and hiking (and probably this year biking)!  We have also talked about doing a through trip on the canal.   So if we do that In four days I would garner 184 plus miles. That would catch me up real quick!!!

So I'm not giving up on my 2017 in 2017 yet!

My weight.   Not the greatest but holding somewhat steady.   I was down 1.6 pounds for the month of February.   237.8 is where I'm at.   Now what I wanted ...I would have preferred more!   However, it wasn't a gain and it was a loss albeit a small one!    I'm trying to look on the bright side!!!

So that brings me to my Goals for March!!!

My 2017 in 2017 goal for March is to simply not add to the year to date deficit!!!  (172 miles!!)

Running .....I want to run at least 20 miles for the month. (The last two months I've managed only a few runs...and each month came in between 8 and 9 miles).

Weight......I'm going to say that I want to be into the next "decade".   I want to be under 230!!!

Food.....healthy options....stop or at least severely limit the junk (chips, fries, etc) aim to keep calories below 1800 calories each and every day....with the true goal of 1200!

Yup...I've got my work cut out for me I think!!!!