Friday, January 13, 2012

Miles and a new day

So putting my bad day behind me.  I tried to hold it together yesterday and didn't TOTALLY blow it.  But today is a new day.  And I'm on target and feeling strong!

I"m at work, it's my early day, meaning I get off work at 2.  I also will probably hit up the grocery store and target this afternoon after work.  But I'm determined to exercise today.  No ifs ands or buts. It may be when I get back from town, but it's gonna happen. 

We have a recumbent style exercise bike in our bedroom.  It's in a cramped space and honestly we don't have a 'better place for it".  It tends to get piled up with stuff....but today my mission is to clear it off and ride it!  I need to start putting more miles on!  I have a mileage goal that I would love to make.  I know that the miles will add up much faster when i'm out on my bike this summer.....and honestly they will add up much faster on my exercise bike.  :-)  The walking should be a consitent 2 miles a few mornings a Todd has figured out that walking helps his digestion!  (He actually went out and walked this morning on his own!!!  WOW, has he finally gotten it???  Has he finally gotten that he can control many of his digestion issues????)

The only thing, I don't want to lose focus on my health in a crazy attempt to get miles.  Zumba days are just that...zumba days.  I'm not counting that toward my mileage (although I probably do enough steps that I could call it a few miles!  LOL).  I have other forms of exercise that I plan on doing.  But I'm not counting those.  The mileage is above and beyond those things!