Monday, March 12, 2018


Yes I have been missing in action...and yes that usually means bad things on a weigh loss blog.

Crazily enough I have been holding on...staying within. A few pound range. Not really gaining...not really losing.  The bad part?  It’s not a weight range that I want to be in!!!

So I made a vow to work on this during the yalear 2018.  Thus far it’s been a bit of a failure. I want  to say colossal, but I am down about a pound...but for 2.5 months that’s not much...but it’s not a gain and it is a tiny tiny loss so it’s not a colossal failure!!!

On New Years I also vowed that my eating like crazy to the point of sickness was ending too.  Yeah this past weekend I did it again!

What is my problem??  Seriously?  

My clothes feel tight and icky and I’m just not happy!!

I have a good friend that is killing this weight loss thing this year.   She is doing amazing!!!   She is inspiring me to get serious!!!!!

But right now...I’m just disgusted with myself!!!