Monday, October 01, 2018

You don’t see old fat people

A few weeks ago Jason and I saw a clip on tv about an eighty seven year old triathlete.  It was inspirational. So much so that I wrote about it a few posts back .   I wrote about it but it hasn’t left my thoughts.  

Again yesterday the one concept from his list of  attributes to his long lasting activity levels was brought up in a conversation.   That concept?  “You don’t see fat old people”.   Now when I think about this I am not talking about old as in 50 (since I’m going to be 46 this year, we are definitely not calling 50 old!!) or even 60...I’m talking about old as in 80 or 90.  Ok ok ok, there are probably exceptions to the rule...but these words ring true.  You don’t see overweight older people that are living life to the fullest....if you see older overweight people it’s typically ones that are usually struggling in some way physically.  

So as I get I want to be living life to the fullest?  Or do I want to be overweight and struggling?   The answer is obviously living life to the fulllest!!!

We went to the zoo and walked quite a bit this weekend.  It was a good time.  But after hours of walking?  I was so sore!   Just a few short years ago I was able to walk for hours upon hours and it didn’t affect my legs.  I was strong.  This zoo visit was an eye opener.  Because I know I have to get it fixed!  We are planning on going to Maine next year (Acadia National Park amongst other places) and it will be a very physical vacation with lots of hiking and biking and other activities.   I have about 10 months or so to really fix this problem...because I want to enjoy that vacation to the fullest!!!!