Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ideas flowing freely

I was out running on Tuesday morning.  It was hot.  I was sweating up a storm.  But I’m glad I did it. I actually procrastinated doing it for quite some time.  Ohhhh, there was about two hours of delay tactics used to avoid this run.  Why yes, I do think my kitchen floor needs swept and scrubbed.  Important things you know!  But I eventually just said “DO IT”   I have places I want to go  (weight loss) and sitting on my butt was not going to get me there.  So out I went!

Now the craziest thing happens when I run.  My mind empties of a lot of the mundane stuff.  I stop thinking about what I’m cooking for dinner (and consequentially thinking about what I need to pull out of the freezer) or how high the grass is (thus requiring mowing) and about 50 gazillion other things that filter through my mind on a daily basis.

Today my thoughts turned toward my weight loss efforts.  I had recently looked at my weight loss and calculated up how many pounds I’ve lost overall.  (82.6 if anyone cares).   I started thinking about how I’m within spitting distance of 100 pounds lost!  I vowed right then and there on my run that I would NEVER have to celebrate the 100 pound gone mark again.  Of course those thoughts made me think of the celebrations I have had or want to have for weight loss progress!  When I lost my weight the first time I celebrated when I dipped under 200 pounds.  (which is 15 pounds lower than my 100 pounds lost goal).  In fact, I don’t even think I celebrated that milestone, it came and went with no fanfare.   SO on my run that morning I decided what I was going to do to celebrate.

I got home and immediately texted Anita, my zumba instructor.  I asked her if I could hijack a zumba class.   I would pay her a set fee for her evening.  Anyone that arrived like normal for a zumba class would not have to punch a card.  Anyone that shows up would be able to get in for free.  (well not free…paid for by me).   It would be my own personal party! And we are going to announce it to the world....announce it and invite everyone possible! (Strangers are welcome!)  J   She LOVES the idea and is simply waiting on me to reach that goal!

I ran the idea by some friends and they were on board!   PARTY AT ZUMBA!!!!!  (and yes, I’m thinking about some really healthy snacks to have!)

So I threw the idea out there.  I have people behind me....all eyes are looking at me as I lose this weight.  YIKES!   So Wednesday rolled around.  I ate breakfast and I knew what I was having for dinner. Therefore I knew exactly how many calories I would have to play around with come lunchtime.  I was off work and had planned lunch with a friend......we ended up eating at a wood fired oven joint.  (Fireworks Pizza in Leesburg, VA if anyone cares).   Oh hell, the pizza smelled HEAVENLY.  Ohhhh the aroma surrounded me like a good friend. I sat down and looked at the menu.  My friend ordered a pizza.  I sucked it up and ordered a meal portion salad.  Yes, I did.  

As I was leaving Leesburg, I made a comment that my participation in my evening zumba class was spotty....I could probably make it but that I was just thinking about skipping it.  My friend looked at me and said "Isn't this one of those times where you just tell yourself to suck it up and do it?"   I hung my head in shame (ok, maybe not really...I was using artistic license) and vowed to try to make it.  I hustled out of there and why yes...I made it!

Having this goal out there and having people looking at me, waiting for me to get there is thus far working to help me stay on track.  Hey....whatever it takes!