Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cough cough cough

Best laid plans.  Yup, that describes my 'killer workout' that I vowed was going to happen last night.  I was at work yesterday and I had my workout clothes here with me.  I was READY.  I was goign to do this.   And as the day progressed, I felt progressively worse.  My throat started to REALLY bother me, to the point that swallowing brought tears to my eyes.  My face literally hurt (insert all those jokes about my face hurting you too.....I had a brother, I can handle it).....which tells me my sinus' were really acting up.  My cough was a hacking wet cough.  I was not in any shape to exercise and I recognized it.  It really upset me to skip it.  But I'm endeavoring to live a healthy lifestyle.  Going to zumba when I feel like so miserably sick is NOT a good idea.  My body needed the rest.  I pushed through this earlier in the week and actually did a double session of zumba on Monday night and I did zumba on Tuesday also along with a jaunt on the exercise bike.  I was still feeling the effects of the cold those days but I knew that my body could handle it.  Last night, I KNEW my body needed a break.  So I gave my body a night to recover, to rest and to relax.  Will I do anything tonight?  The PLAN is to get on the exercise bike for a bit.  Will I actually do it?   It all depends.  If my body is telling me to rest and I discern that it really is what my body needs then I will heed the voice of my body.  This is about HEALTH....not just weight.   That said, I'm still eating within my calorie range!!!