Wednesday, August 07, 2019

The ups and downs of changing my life

Whew!    I have lots to report on my fitness levels this week! It seems as if each week is a revelation of how bad this really is along with some random moments (few and far between) of seeing progression.   But this journey of weight loss and toward fitness is not a race (however much I would like it to be) and I will increase my fitness levels and lose weight even it is seems as if it is at a snails pace!!

Weight Loss
So typical of the way my body has been working of late, my weight popped up at the beginning of the week....grrrr!   I’m trying to not think about it...I’m within that three pound ‘fluctuation’ that I’m ok with (barely...but that is normal also).  I know this happens. I also know that I had a really big week of loss last week so this week might not be spectacular!  It’s just frustrating!  But I’m eating right so I am trying to not stress about it!!

Mountain Biking
We only went out once this past week.   We typically park at the lower lot when we go to this area, which means that we have to ride about a mile or two on a fire road until we get to a trail head.   Sounds like a perfect warm up right?   Well, right out of the gate there is an incline!   It has kicked both of us every time we go!  But...this past weekend I was just rolling up the hill and I was thinking, “Dare I say out loud that this is kind of easy?”   I did start breathing a bit more heavily for the last bit of the hill...but it was not too bad...nowhere near the typical freight train breathing that I have displayed every other time.  I was quiet about my revelation until Jason remarked that he handled the hill much better than before, he didn’t even get out of breath!   Progress for both of us!  

I ran a few times last week.  I also ran on Tuesday evening after work!   Just getting out to run is a huge victory.   I did was hard...but I put the time in!!!  It was real hard...but I know why....which is because of my next two sections!!!

I decided to start doing yoga.   Or maybe I should say I am attempting to do yoga at this point!  Finding the time to do it requires that I wake up at 4:45.   But, so far this week I’m on a roll!!!

It is HARD!   The first day I was feeling good for about 10 minutes and then was hard!   The second day was titled gentle and soothing....there was nothing gentle and soothing!   If that was gentle then I am scared!  

I can’t do some of the moves. Some of the moves make my legs quiver.  I sweat like crazy.  But I’m doing can only get better right???  I know that my excess weight makes it so much harder!   But I’m really going to give this a full 30 day try.  While part of me dreads it...another part kind of relishes the muscle aches that I’m feeling and an even bigger part of me is super excited to see how I feel, look and move after 30 days!!!  

So I used to sit beside a team and a bunch of the gals on that team got up and did squats every hour.  Eventually their team disbanded (as did mine) and we all ended up on a new team together.  We started to do the squats back in February, but with the launch and the craziness that ensued, we stopped.  So yesterday I was minding my own business and I heard a ‘hey Maryfran’.  I turned and a cowoker said ‘we are starting squats again...wanna do them with us?’  (The guys do push ups)

Uh yeah!  I know that squats are good for me!  I also know that squats will REALLY help me on the bike as I learn to get my behind off the seat on my descents!   So starting at 9:30 I did 25 squats every hour.   7 times...(even though we start work at 8 it doesn’t start until 9:30).   So that was about 175 squats yesterday.  I say about because there were a few times I didn’t count and I KNOW I did more than my 25!  Plus...activity at my desk job is a good thing!  Which is ironic that it started yesterday because I had a video to upload last night...a video about staying active at a desk job!!!  (Feel free to watch it if you feel biggie if you don’t though!!!  I’m happy to have you reading!)

So there you have it.  It is ugly the shape that I have allows my self to fall into!   But I AM making strides toward a better life!   I am taking the steps needed in this weight loss journey to lose weight and regain my fitness levels!   Seriously...I’m going to be kick add if I keep this stuff up!!!!