Thursday, January 20, 2022


​So apparently I have been MIA for a while.  Almost 10 days with no update.   So let’s catch things up!

As I left it at my last post, I lost 5.4 pounds the first week of the year.   I followed that up with a lackadaisical week.  There was no tracking.  I kinda ate what I wanted.  Still halfway in control.   And I gained 0.4 pounds.  So a bit less than a half of a pound. 

I vowed to clean it up.  I swore up one side and down the other that I was going to do better.  And I did do…better. I tracked a little bit more.  But my water was…well I drank some!  But yeah, no where near enough.   So here I sit on the Eve of my official weigh in and just hoping to pull out a maintain.  

But that isn’t what is really floating through my head.   We are currently working on getting pre approved to buy a house.  Yup…marriage in October and now we are looking to buy a house.  I am super excited about being in my own place….and somewhere that has more space (we outgrew our apartment!).  But I absolutely dread packing and moving.  So I sit here and I have been looking at the dead weight of belongings in my life and seeing what can go to the garbage.   I have hard copies of all of my writing…keep or pitch?  I mean, I haven’t looked at the hard copies in years!  And I have them on a hard drive!  (There may be one or two things that is hand written from long long ago…but I could retype them onto my computer…scan them also just for the memory).  I have tons of dollhouses and accessories (5 dollhouses to be exact). Keep?  Well yeah, I’m keeping those.  Although admittedly I’ve thought about paring down dollhouses also!  But I’m looking at belongings and thinking about what is important.  

When I started to look at my belongings I started to think about actions and things in life that might be weighing me down.   I have kept this blog for 16 years!   (Oh my word, I think I missed my blogiversary on January 6!!).   I have no intention of letting this fall by the wayside.  This is my true cathartic place to be.  The act of writing has always been cathartic for me.  But….I think I may be paring back on my YouTube channel.  I enjoy my travel and exploration videos…but the constant pressure to put out videos is difficult.  As is the constant pressure to share my weight loss efforts on there.   Plus…let’s be honest.  I work from home.  I wear my comfy ripped up teeshirt to work…with my ratty sweatpants!   And I’m filming myself?   It bothers me.  Sooo….my YouTube isn’t going away.  It will just be when I feel like it.   I want to go back to the basics of what I truly enjoy…photography…writing. Being me.  Will I be posting about my weight loss there… maybe maybe not.  Will I be posting travel and exploration.  Maybe…maybe not.   When  we go exploring…I want my focus to be on the experience and NOT the video!   Photography fills that for me.    I’m not on here to get a gazillion readers…I wasn’t on YouTube to get a bunch of views.  I was just out there working on me putting my thoughts and emotions out there in order to make me a better person and make me happy.  And for me…right now…that means stepping back and cutting dead weight…so those hard copiesof old writing…gone!   The gazillion YouTube videos posted each month…gone.  It’s time to focus on what makes me happy and healthy!

My goals will still remain the same.  I am still pushing for 2022 miles in the year 2022!  I am still planning on working to lose 1 pound each week to lose 50 pounds in this year, the year I turn 50.  But I’ll be posting it here….more regularly as it will be my main source of accountability.  And if you have managed to stick with me through this long post and through the months of sporadic posting….thank you!