Saturday, January 26, 2013

Excuses meets dedication

I'm still a bit congested, but really do feel well enough to exercise.  I need to get my exercise mojo on.  Tomorrow will be easy as I will be trying out a new exercise class. OK, it's new to me..... Masala Bhangra is the name.  Hey, sounds like it could be a hoot.  :-)  It is an type of Indian Dance and I figure it will be worth a try out.    Then of course Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are my zumba days.  So I just need to find the mojo to exercise today.

 That said, I was totally floored this morning.  The road I live on is a back road.  It's narrow and dangerous in the BEST of conditions.  We are plowed last and even when plowed the road remains pretty bad until nature takes care of the snow.  This morning I was driving Todd to the studio and I was coming home.  It was about 9 AM.  I was taking my road slowly because of the treacherous conditions.  And what should I see?    A JOGGER?  IN this weather!  With snow on the ground!!!   Jogging on  small country snow covered road!!   That my friends is dedication.  I can't say that I will  ever be that motivated.  However, it really does go to show that my excuse of snow/cold/weather etc etc etc is a crock of doo doo!

Enough is my stay home and vegetate on the couch (or in bed at times)day and I need to get back to that activity!  :-)  (well maybe after some xbox kinect!)