Friday, April 14, 2017


After the last week of soul searching that I wrote about in my last post, I attacked running with a different attitude.   I went out expecting the worst. I had no expectations other than that it was going to hurt.  Sure, I hoped that I wouldn't lose my pants (true story), I prayed that the mean squirrels would not be look at me with that menacing look that  they have.  (True least in my mind while I run) and  I hoped that I wouldn't look like I peed my pants from wardrobe malfunction. (Yes...true story)    But I didn't expect greatness.  I knew it would hurt and that I would have to interval walk/run and I knew that I would be slow....but I had no expectations. 

And amazingly enough with no expectations of greatness I smashed the run on Wednesday.  I did walk once or twice and I was slow. But I felt victorious!   Thursday I went out again and purposely told myself it was going to be horrible.  But it wasn't!   Ahhhh. It's so much better to meet and actually exceed expectations!!!!


Look I was even smiling during the one run!!! (I hope both actually.)

The runs were not without trauma.  The pants I wore on one day were too loose to be able to use my run buddy pouch.  If you don't know what that is an awesome way to carry phones and gear!   I hate arm bands!!!!  The pouch is definitely the way to go. (Unless your pants are too loose then it doesn't work!) 


So I may have turned a corner...hopefully!  

So I have been doing some  soul searching and have come to a conclusion about my monthly goals.....

So let me do a check in and while I talk about where I am at will all become clear.

1.  2017 miles in 2017.  My monthly goal was set at 191 miles.  I am happy to say that as of Thursday the 13th I have reached 130 miles for the month.  

2.  Run twenty miles in April.   I am at 7.69 miles for the month.   So a little behind but in good shape still!

3.  Lose weight.  Oh heck here is where it gets ugly. Once again I'm not losing...I'm back at the 238-239 weight.   It's disgusting.  It's heart wrenching.  It's annoying.  It makes me want to cry, wail, gnash my teeth.  Most importantly it makes me want to give up!!!!  

4  Track my food and stay under 1800 calories. (With one cheat day.  I've actually nailed this one.
And with exercise added in it looks even better!!!


So the lack of loss....something has to change.  Big time change.   I know when I was losing I was keeping my food intake at 1200 calories.  (Which equaled the roughly the same amount as my base WW points when I compared.). I didn't eat my exercise calories/points.  I didn't have such a large range.  I kept my food between 1200 and 1299 calories. Period. 

So that last goal of tracking and being under 1800 is changing.  My goal is under 1400.  (Baby steps I will get it back to the 1200!!)

I know that this weekend will be difficult to keep it there. We are going to be at the beach for the weekend....and I am sure that there will be boardwalk style French fries and who knows what else!    So very difficult to keep it under 1400...and part of me says I should just start on Monday.  But no...I'm starting now but accepting that the weekend will not be perfect....but if I can get one day down to 1400 it would be a victory!!!!!!  So I'm going to try this weekend....but hard core on Monday!!!!

So just a wee little 'Maryfran' snafu story to end this post...

I knew today was going to be a low step day for me due to circumstances beyond my control. So I was up early and doing some stuff around the house this morning and I was purposely taking extra steps and not being effieicent with my steps in order to wrack up those steps while I could. I was so proud of myself.....then after about 45 minutes I realized that my Fitbit was still on the charger!!!!