Friday, August 09, 2019

A long weekend looms!

I am happy!  Today is Friday and I am off work!   I am actually alsoboff work on Monday!  So a four day weekend!    I am sure there will be plenty of activity and happenings.  And well, maybe even a bit of celebrations as Jason has a birthday this weekend!

Now before you get too excited about today....I have a dentist appointment first thing in the morning...about 30 miles northwest of where we live.   That’s not too bad....except that late last night I realized that I left my purse at work.  Which I need!  So I had to get up at the normal time today and I have to go into work...about 30 miles southeast of where I live.  Yes the opposite direction of the dentist appointment.  So I will be in rush hour traffic to get to work...go in, grab any purse and then head back out into the traffic to drive back to our place and then 30 miles further!   Grrrrrr!   I was so mad!  So my driving begins at 6:30 and I’ll be hopefully at the dentist office by 9, when my appointment is!   

After the appointment I’m going to spend time with my mom.  So a nice day!   And then this afternoon when Jason gets off work the birthday fun begins!!  Who knows exactly what we will get into!

I am still doing the yoga.   I honestly thing that it is making a difference in my life in a few ways.  First, I think that I am displaying better posture...I noticed it at my desk at work yesterday!  The second thing?   I am so much more awake and alert at night.  I wake up earlier to add this into my day.  Before I started I was barely able to stay awake past I am still rolling strong at 8:45!   What is up with that???   My body I’m hoping is becoming stronger....I haven’t seen any discernible differences yet!  But I’m still going strong...5 days down!

So on to the weekend!   I am skeptical about my weigh weight has been up most of the week and just started to go down I’m not thinking that there will be any great loss! (And possibly a gain)   But that’s ok too.  I’m in this for the long haul and that means that some weeks will be less than stellar even if everything went perfectly!

So there you go...a preview of the weekend and an update on the yoga experiment!!!