Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Do or die

This morning  I reached the 36 hour mark of no soda.   It was do or die.  Ok, maybe it's not that dramatic.   However, I reached the point where the head was starting to feel fuzzy and a little bit achy.  

I've been thinking about it a lot.  I've constantly put it off for various reasons.  There is always an excuse. "I'm off work and don't want to have a headache"   "I'm going out to dinner tomorrowand I know that I'll want to have a soda."   Always an excuse.   The most recent excuse was "I"m going to be having a little mini vacation this upcoming weekend and I don't want to have a headache that mars my good time."  

Today I'm biting the bullet.

This morning I decided, 'enough was enough' .   There will always be and excuse.  My Philadelphia weekend would be the reason this week.  Next week it would be another reason.  The following week it would be Veterans day.   Then I have a week long vacation....another excuse.   After that comes Thanksgiving.....seriously, I can't kick the habit over a holiday right?   Then my birthday.....who wants to do it then.   That brings us to Christmas.  I would be crazy at Christmas right???   So see....always an excuse.  

So I upended the bottle of Advil....swallowed a dose and here we and running.  I am hoping that the headache is manageable and or out of my system by Friday as I am off work and will be vacationing.   Thus far, the headache is a dull roar....not fun by any means but nothing that makes me want to cry. (without medication is another story!)

And the even bigger news, I lost 1.4 pounds this week!   I'll take it.  Slow and steady.   :-)