Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Dancing Like Mad

My training is still spot on.  I'm running when I need to run and cross training/zumba-ing when I need to zumba.  I'm resting when it says rest.  I will say that I have had to do some minor adjustment in the schedule.  For example on Tuesday I was supposed to run 3 miles.  I ran that on Monday and did zumba on Tuesday evening.  I have also been adding in an extra run during the week. (I ran on Monday and did my zumba).  I'm a woman on a mission.   Ironicallly enough on Monday I ran and then followed it up with zumba and I had more energy at zumba then I knew what to do with.  I only zumba'ed on Tuesday ad felt sluggish.  Go figure????

The eating is going well.  I'm cognizant of what I'm eating.  Trying to maintain the balance of food, which means a heavy (high caloric) lunch means a light (low caloric) dinner.    I've had some days where I've just been flat out hungry.  And some days where food hasn't had a grip on me.  Ironically enough on Monday I wasn't all that hungry.  Yet I ran my three miles in the morning and did zumba in the evening.   However, on Tuesday I was ravenous.   I still didn't eat crazy.  (Egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast, turkey and cheese wrap with some applesauce for lunch, pudding cup for a snack and turkey burger , rice and applesauce for dinner.)   It made sense to me though,  because on Monday I burned a ton of calories and I KNOW I didn't eat a ton (waffle and hashbrowns for breakfast, protein banana shake for lunch, grapes for a snack, a grilled cheese and pretzels for dinner).

Yes, I'm falling down on the fruits and veggies....gotta beef those up!

Meanwhile, this morning I powered through my run.  I did NOT give in to the mental mind game to 'walk' the one incline that I usually have problems with.  I have KNOWN that it is a mental game and today I was determined to power through it.  I had a nice intervention.   A friend texted me right as I hit the bottom of the incline.  I fiddled with my phone to take a picture of myself (never missing a step)

I then texted the picture and a few words back.  By the time I was done with that, I found myself halfway up the hill.  Yes, I later thanked that friend!!!!

I got back to the car HAPPY.  I ran every step and I didn't stop when I hit the three mile mark. I was only scheduled for three miles and yes, I knew when I hit it.  However, I ran until the spot that I had decided to run to.  And weirdly enough, I probably could have gone all honesty.  (my legs may differ, they are tight and achy again today)

I had a slight problem on my run.  I sweated...BAD...and it looked like I peed my pants. What in the world?   I have a picture, but I think I'll pass on sharing it.  HA HA HA....ok, what the heck!

So my pace is still freakishly slow but hey, I'll take it!!!!!!!