Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Years and Rainbows

The Sunday before Christmas I was riding around with my sister in law and the kids. It had just stopped raining and we saw this GORGEOUS rainbow. We could see the whole arch of the rainbow and for a bit, we actually saw a double rainbow. This rainbow stayed around FOREVER (the main biggest and darkest one). We watched it for at least 15 minutes before we got back to my parents house. This picture is one that I took while literally hanging my hand out the window and snapping the shutter while we were driving. It does not to justice to this rainbow..
SO you may be thinking, why in the world do I have a rainbow in my blog this morning? During the past week or so, I've been reflecting on the year 2007 and looking forward to the year 2008. My first response to the year 2007 was disappointment. I didn't reach my main goal, which was at the beginning of the year actually looked very promising. I started to berate myself for 'messing' up. I didn't lose the 50 pounds that I needed to lose in order to reach that goal. But slowly, I started to think...I may not have lost the 50 pounds...but I did lose about 25! That is an accomplishment. Yeah, I'd have liked it to be more...but 25 pounds is still a huge mountain....one that some people can never attain. And when I add that 25-30 pounds onto what I've already lost.....120 pounds is very well worth celebrating! I've lost 120 pounds! What a wonderful accomplishment. I've also achieved/received reconciliation with a friend that I thought was lost forever. These two things alone are enough to make me jump up and down in jubiliation! What a blessing! Just like a rainbow is a blessing.
Looking foward to the new year, I can only look at the rainbow and think of the promise and the beauty that the new year holds. Yes, I hope to reach my weight goals this year....yes, I have lots of other things that I'd like to happen. Like the rainbow, this year holds lots of promise for me!
I honestly can't wait to kick butt this year and get this weight off! I'm super determined to work myself hard, eat healthy and stay focused and motivated...keeping the willpower high and strong in order to reach this weight goal!