Friday, June 15, 2007


This is going very slowly. I'm just having a difficult time getting myself in gear. I'm gung ho but my willpower really sucks! I did good today, until after dinner when Todd asked if I was going to make mudslides. Instead of saying "no" I made them. Ohh they were yummy! And yes, I had extra points in I had like 8 extra points after I it's not THAT bad...but still! Last night I ate TWO pieces of pie. One was bad enough...but TWO. The only consolation...I was miserable afterward. Not only emotionally...but physically! My body can't take it anymore! As I was getting and eating that second piece (which was the last one) I was saying to myself. "At least it will be gone now...I'm getting rid of the tempation" Crazy I know!

The weight....uhhhh...well, the 3.8 pounds that I gained....I had lost them again...and I've gained them again! At least I haven't gone over that gain, but this has GOT to stop!!!!!!