Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A smile or a grimace

Ok I know I'm a sick pup.....but I saw something on my run this morning that made me stop and think.

Yes I stopped running and took a picture....

Why yes it's a dead animal.  And was either smiling in death...or grimacing.    Ok maybe that's just its normal face.  But it made me think about running.   When I see someone do I smile at them or is it really a grimace???

This morning my first half mile was rough and it definitely would have been a grimace.....I was breathing heavy from the get go.  I kept pushing through it though.   And by the mile mark I had settle down into a more controlled breathing.  And then as I crossed a street I saw someone walking one block over!   In my set route  I had one more block and then I would turn to run a block and cross over the intersection that the person was heading toward.  I made it my goal to run the two blocks and get to that corner before that person walked their one block.    So I started doing intervals.....sprint then jog...sprint then jog...sprint then jog. From point to point.  And as I neared that corner I saw that was going to make it!!!!   And then that bee-otch started to run!    I kid you not....they ran to that corner and got there a few feet ahead of me!!!!  Really?????     

I didn't stop the fartleks though...I did them the whole way through that mile of running.  (In the interest of full disclosure I will admit that two of my intervals were a few seconds of walking!).   My second mile was almost 2 minutes faster than my first mile.    Wow!!!!

So yeah...apparently I've been really bad about pushing myself to do the speed intervals...and I know I need to do it to increase my overall speed.   I guess trying to beat that person to the corner (me two blocks and they only one) was a good thing because it sparked me to push myself.   But yeah....they are still a bee-otch!!!

So on to the nitty gritty of this is a weight loss blog after all.   Today was weigh in day.   And I'm down two pounds.   Back to where I consistently sat for the last to drive the weight lower!!!!  

I know I've said this a gagillion times...but I'm ready.   I'm ready to lose this weight once and for all!   I know it will mean restricting certain foods...eliminating others. But seriously...I can do this!   I've managed to mostly maintain my weight the last however many months.  Other than the last two or three really high weight weeks I have managed to maintain within a four pound radius for a good solid 8 months or longer.   I'm not looking for perfection.   I know there will be pizza on Saturday nights (we are creatures of habit and it's our Saturday night staple). And that usually gives us leftovers for Monday...and on occasional other days because pizza is awesome.  And I know that here maybe fries....or chips and whatever.  I'm ready to find that happy medium.  That happy medium where I can be a 'normal person'.  Because you see...while I know that this is a life time commitment...I also know that eating dry lettuce every day for lunch for the rest of my life is not feasible and sustainable lifestyle for me.  I am committed to finding that happy medium where I can have pizza on occasion (yes weekly) and still lose weight.  I have been eating about 1800 calories....with no conscious restricting on my part.   The weeks I ate 2000 or more I gained weight.   So my caloric restriction will not have to be a I think that I CAN find the happy medium!    And yes...that might mean that the weekend 'pizza date' might be a 'cheat meal!