Sunday, February 16, 2014

The glove has been dropped

Ahhhh  Sunday...blessed Sunday.  A day with no work!  AHhhh

So I guess I learned my lesson.  Get my run over with early in the morning.  Seriously.  If I don't do it first thing or very near the first thing I sit and dread it for ages.    Today was one of those days.  I KNEW that I was going to go running.  Yet I ate breakfast.  Nor normally I'll go running and then eat kinda keeps the food for sloshing around inside me (not a pleasant thought is it?).  But toady, I ate first.  So I sat down to work on my computer to allow my food to settle.

While my food settled I started to work on digitizing pictures from my childhood.  They are deteriorating with age.  I am taking them, digitizing them and doing some minor restoration work on them.  I want to make sure that I can look at these pictures that I fell in love with as a little girl flipping through photo albums.  That was one of my favorite things to do as a kid.....look through our photo albums.  So anyway, I digress......I sat down to work on that project.  I kept telling myself, after I finish this step I'll go running.  But then I would finish that step and then move o to the next step and say "after this step"   Of course that didn't happen.  I kept working.

By the time I was pretty much finished with the pictures it was lunch time.  So I of course had a sandwich.  And then of course I didn't want to run after eating again.   What a vicious cycle!!!!

I continued watching the Olympics (oh yes, I watched a couple episodes of Live Big with Ali Vincent and then the Olympics as I fiddled around on my computer).  As I watched the Olympics, I thought about how those athletes go workout even when they don't want to work out.  I thought about how they push themselves because they BELIEVE in themselves!   So I rose up from the couch, put on my workout clothes and off I went.

Darn if it wasn't brutally cold.  I've run in colder.  But for some reason it just killed me today.  My legs were heavy and I could have worked through that.  My knees hurt and my heel hurt which was just no fun. I reverted back to running intervals for the duration.  But the icing on the cake?  The wind and cold.  My ears were cheeks burned.  I struggled to take in a deep breath.  It was not fun at all.  As for now?  I'm somewhat warm again....but I'm just really wheezy.   GRRRRR  Oh well......I'll be running again in a day or two and hopefully it won't be as brutal!!!   No...I'm thinking WILL be better. I WILL be improving my time.  I WILL be conquering this running thing.  And I'm going to throw it out there on the table.....I'm planning on running a race in March (I ran this one last year) and I am going to aim to set a new PR!   Ok, so there it is....on the table!

  Now if only the weather will cooperate so that I can actually get out there and run.  My time to beat????  My best 5k is 38.20..   I'm currently running at a pace of roughly 13:20 a mile.  So I have to drop about 50 seconds off of each mile. I know that the adrenaline of the race will knock some time off of my pace.  It did that with both of my lowest runs.    So what am I aiming for?????  Honestly anything under 38:20.    I will admit that I would be tickled with 36.......or even 35....but that is a long long shot!!!  Ok, it's a long shot for me right now.....because I have 1 month and one week until that race (I think)

So there it is...the proverbial glove has been dropped!  (and how my heel felt this morning, I better buy a new roll of KT tape!  LOL)