Thursday, September 26, 2013

Guilty as charged

I had full intentions of getting up today and using my late start Thursday to accomplish a few things.  I was going to run first, around 8 or so.    I was going to go home and rest a bit and then head out on my bike.  Back home by 11 and showered and out the door to work by 11:44.   I had my plans.  Seriously, I did!

However, what really transpired was something much different.  I woke up early.  Todd asked if I wanted to watch a tv show that we had recorded.  I said yes, it was afterall 6AM.  I could watch the show and STILL have time to do everything.  I flipped on my computer and started to edit pictures from the wedding that I photographed on Saturday.  I have only halfway edited and processed the tons of pictures.   I started editing.  Todd and I finished our show and Todd headed out the door.  I was enmeshed in my work.  Time passed.  I did briefly think about going out for a ride, but by that time I could see the end in sight.  I chose to finish the pictures and get it off my plate.   I worked right up until I left for work. (all I have to do is burn the disk for the bride and groom and also a disk for the lady that arranged the flowers as she and I had talked and I had offered her some pictures with her flowers).  

A conscious decision was made.  Was it a bad decision?  Maybe.  Was it a good decision?   Maybe.  I am walking with Sherry tonight so I will get some activity in. (If I don’t walk with her, I will go out for a short run).    I feel like I made an excuse to not exercise.  Realistically, I know that while I spent a few hours on Sunday that since then I’ve only been able to spend a few minutes here and there with the pictures and that they were not going to get done if I didn’t devote some serious time to them.    
I need to remember that this is a journey of making exercise fit into my life.   It means that when I have other obligations that I adjust to make them work and to STOP FEELING GUILTY!  Ok, I feel guilty because I haven’t been on my bike at all this month…and only two runs….yikes…BINGO…there is where the guilt is occurring.  But I’m back on track.  I ran on Monday, Zumba’d on Tuesday and Wednesday. I’m walking tonight. I’m doing ok.  No guilt!  (if I say it to myself enough times maybe I’ll actually start believing it!)

I'll leave you with a few of my favorite pictures from the wedding.