Thursday, May 08, 2014

Derailment = bad word!!!

Life conspires against me!!!!  I know it!!!!

I got off work on Wednesday.  I had grand plans.  Yard work and a bike first road bike usage of this year.  It was planned and on the docket.  Nothing was going to deter me!!!

Something bed...

It was raining when I got off at noon so Todd and I moved our eat out to lunchtimeas the rain was supposed to let up by mid-afternoon.  All was going well and then it hit!!  Oh my word, we were driving home and in my head I was chanting, 'you will not throw up, you will not throw up'.  I got home....and I've been in bed since....18 hours later I'm still here.   

Buh-bye yard work.  Buh-bye yesterday's bike ride.  And while I'm feeling much better now (the tightness in my stomach MAY be hunger..not sure) I've already decided that this mornings scheduled run will not be happening nor will the bike ride on the canal that Todd and I planned (I am not scheduled to work until noon).

Grrrrr.  I will not let this derail me!!!!  No!  No!! No!!   If I go to work today and do well with food, I WILL be back to running tomorrow...or out on my bike!!!