Saturday, January 26, 2019

Challenge accepted: and a rare Saturday post

Ahhh. A rare Saturday post!!!!  But I was reading fellow blogs today and couldn’t not post.  I wanted to get this info out there ASAP!!!

I have accepted two challenges.   They are both by fellow bloggers and they both start on Sunday the 27th!  (However if your reading this a bit later...feel free to join me...just adjust your numbers to accommodate the late start!!)  The first is through the blog mystalkerisfat .  This challenge sounds like something right up my alley!  There is no heavy tracking or anything like that.  It is nice and simple and allows some wiggle room for life that gets crazy!

How it works?  First decide how many days a week you want to be active.  (Ok not want...WILL be active). I am choosing 4.  Next how long will you be active those four days?  I am choosing 20 minutes.  (I was thinking 30...but I am woefully lame right now so I am starting small!).  This challenge goes to the end of February...which is 5 weeks.  Calculate how many minutes that is over the next five weeks.  So I took 4 days times my 20 minutes = 80 minute. Then I took the 80 minutes and multiplied that by 5 weeks =  600 minutes!    Boom!  I have my goal ...600 minutes!!!

It’s as easy as simply writing down my numbers of minutes in my dayplanner and adding them together however often I chose to add!  (Weekly?  Lol)

The second challenge... it is at spinningmywheels   It goes hand in hand with the first challenge...except that this is more food related. It is also a marvel in simplicity! Track your food daily....AND stay under your caloric goal every day except one cheat day (or I will add in , stay under you WW daily goal if you are WW) .  I like still allows you one day to ‘mess up’ be it on purpose or accidental!   I have been preaching for a while that this is life and life is NOT embrace and plan for the failure  because it will happen!  This challenge does just that by giving us that cheat day.   

So how this works?   In your day planner...or calendar or anywhere really...give yourself a point for each day you stay under your caloric goal!  Easy peasy!   I am going to give myself a star in my day planner!!  :-). 

Both are easy...both are super cool ways to challenge ourselves to stay the course and be healthy!!!!   

If you want, feel free to join in!  Mystalker...has set up a Facebook page (link in her comments) for her challenge  that I have asked to join...I don’t know how well it will take off...but it is another chance for support so I’m in!!!