Monday, February 08, 2016

All things happy.....except for one

Well......I had a few victories today.

The first is kinda not a victory but kinda a victory.   I have a few pairs of varying sizes.  What size am I?   I have some 18's that are falling off of me (who knows if the zipper works anymore, I don't unzip them but rather just pull them off)  but I also have 18's that are skin tight.  I have 16 womens that fit perfectly.  Really?   So I decided that after work I was going to hit up the outlets.  I was looking for a pair of water repelling/quick dry pants to wear whilst hiking. (I am SOO tired of being wet while I'm hiking!)   I first went into Eddie Bauer.   I tried some on and I liked them...but I wanted to hit up another store or two...specifically Columbia Sportswear.   I ended up buying the ones at Eddie Bauer.  They were a bit pricier than the Columbia ones that I tried on...but they fit me better and had more features.   So what in the world is the victory?   They are tight, but I can TOTALLY fit into the 16's.   Weeee.    Moving along.  (and yes, I know....if I lose 'too' much weight the pants I bought today will be too big and baggy to really wear...I bought them as tight as I felt comfortable with wearing!)

But the even bigger victory?   Today was the Chinese New Year.  Big whoop right??   Nope...they decided to order Chinese for lunch.  They typically order from one place.....and I don't like that place.  But they ordered from the place that I actually LOVE.   I had my lunch packed and I was ok with the food I had with me to eat.  But that place is SOOO good and I haven't had it in a long time.  I wrote my order down on the order sheet and went to count my money to give to the gal that was going to pick up our food.  Yup....I caved.   But then I started thinking about money.  I am trying to put money aside......and even more importantly....I didn't want to kill my calorie count for today.   SOOOOOOO...I went over and scratched my order off the list.

Yes, I did!

Lets see if this helps me show a bit of a loss for this weeks official weigh in!  One can hope!

So my ankle has been bothering me a bit more today.  This is FRUSTRATING.  I do have it wrapped maybe that will help matters a bit!!!!   Frustrating is all I can say about it though!