Friday, August 23, 2019

Staying the course

It is Friday and I couldn’t be happier!   I am ready for the weekend!   Like normal I am so tired...but that’s ok, I will make it through today for sure!   There really isn’t much to talk about in my weight loss journey this week.  The best way to sum it up is that,’I stayed the course’.

I stayed the course this week.  I tracked my food.   I kept my calorie count in check.  
Total calorie check...

I added as much activity as possible.
Calories with activity added in....

  I would say that  lived a pretty healthy life this week.   Will it equate to a loss on the scales?   Well, we will find out sooner or later. (It will be in Monday’s blog post)

The weather was stinkin’ hot this week.  So the exercise was a real....sweaty chore!  But we did get out on wednesday evening for a half hour mid week bike ride.  Woohoo us!   And I didn’t let the heat deter me from my lunchtime walks.   I didn’t even let it stop me from my break walks.  Outside.In.The.Heat.     Let me tell was still warm on Thursday but the humidity seemed to be lower (I don’t know for sure if it had dropped) and there was a breeze!  It was fabulous!   Enjoyable and refreshing!!! 

I did take a step this week to do something I should have done ages ago.  I measured myself.   I have done this in the past and have never stuck to it...but we shall see!  

This weekend is supposed to be blessedly cool with low humidity.   We are looking forward to it for sure!   We have already decided where we are going to ride!  (Spoiler alert...we are going to do the same loop that we did last weekend!!). We are going to be going to have lunch with Jason’s family to celebrate his birthday on Sunday.  So we are not sure what kind of ride we may be able to get in on Sunday morning early.  But I have a feeling we may try something.    We found a really small pump track in our town at one of the parks.  Maybe we will go there.  But let’s be honest...the pump track kinda scares me...I have no clue what I’m doing.  Let me see if I can describe what a pump track is a loop track that has lots of bumps and small hills.  The theory is that you can get on your bike and use your bike and then  pump your arms and legs at the right spots (in conjunction with the hills and dips) and you should be able to ‘pump’ your way through the track without peddling.   Why does it scare me?   Ok, part of it is that the pump track is like way totally out in the open so everyone will see me....back to the shame at my inept fatness.   Seriously?   I should know to not be embarrassed by now. But I am.   

Oh well.  So that’s my week and a preview of the weekend!!!  I plan on staying the course with this weight loss journey!  I can do it!!