Thursday, September 10, 2015

I feel like a monkey with all the itching!!!

I had my weekly weigh in.  It was not as good as last week.  However, I'm not too surprised.  Why?   Last Wednesday when I weighed in I had pretty much not eaten anything for the previous two and a half days.  So yeah, that would kind of skew the weigh in results.  I have also been on an oral steroid for the last week or so and apparently that can cause a bit of weight gain.  But the biggest reason I'm not surprised?   I have been eating a diet full of carbs and way too many calories.   It is definitely my fault.  The only good thing?  I am still lower than that stupid 5 pound range!  I just need to pull it together so that I can STAY out of that range.

So how have I been doing?   The poison......ITCHES!  Still spreading?   Maybe.

The chest/pneumonia.  I'm still exhausted.  My chest has been really hurting the last day or two and the weird crackle/rattle that occurs every once in a while when I breathe is just disconcerting.   But I'm up and moving.

My goal for the next few days?   Get control of my eating and drink water.  While I've been sick I have drank mostly soda.  Diet soda, but soda.   Oops   I have however tracked every bite through the last two weeks. (that deserves a pat on the back, right??)

I'm watching the training schedule for this half marathon.  Days are ticking off and it makes me nervous.  I needed the full length of the training schedule.   I think I can still 'recover' from this enforced involuntary break from running if I can get back in the groove by this weekend...but I admittedly am nervous about what will happen should it go longer.  I'd like to say that I am not going to worry about it...but that would be a lie.   I will obsess about it.  However, I am going to take it as it comes.  If running this half marathon is not in my cards, then I will be ok and there will be another attempt sometime in the future.

Meanwhile, April 2, 2016.  I am officially registered to run the Cooper River Bridge Run again.  YIPPEE!   Hopefully no ankle issues this time and I will truly be able to run it!