Friday, January 18, 2019

I will not give up: kicking weight loss in the.....

It’s finally Friday!   I am so ready for the weekend!   It had been a long week of learning as I settle into my new temporary team and the work expected of me.   I will only be with this team temporarily...and then I will go back to the original team I was training to join.   Yeah, it’s confusing...a new temporary team...a new permanent team and my old team.   I found myself just yesterday answering questions from coworkers about the new permanent team and corresponding work, the new temporary team and corresponding work and then to make it more fun, I received aomw questions via email about the old team and needing advice on something there.  Are you kidding me???   Oh keeps my mind sharp!!

My week in my healthy lifestyle changes?  The reason that this site was started?   Well yes I guess I can share how my week went!   My eating was pretty much spot on! I managed to avoid both the after work snacks and the post dinner desserts.  The after work snacks truly are just a habit so after the first day or so where I broke that habit I was ok!    The after dinner dessert.  The first thing I did was make sure that the dessert that was in the house were not things that I struggle to avoid!  (I’m not going to make Jason five uo his dessert just because I am giving up mine!)   I also went back for a small second serving of dinner to ‘fill up’ with more nutritious foods versus still being slightly hungry resulting in a dessert being eaten.  

I also ate very nutritiously.   I had lots of salads and lots of fruits and veggies.  So while my weight popped back up in that weird cycle thing it’s doing. The cycle had been going on since this past summer.  I have a low weigh ins over the weekend, my weight pops up high on the weekdays and then drops again on the weekends!  It’s quite annoying!  As frustrated as I was with the scales, I didn’t let it derail me!  I pushed forward and ate nutritiously and kept things in check!!!    

The weekend weather is supposed to be interesting..snow? Maybe.  But most likely rain and freezing rain (mostly...some snow also).  And cold...really cold!   Yuck!!!!  We will have fun anyway!!!

I’ve got this!!!  I can get this weight off!   I will not give up!!!