Thursday, November 15, 2007

Core-Day three

Day three of my core experiment has commenced. I had my oatmeal....counted my flex point for the brown sugar and I'm rollin'! My weight yesterday was still floating at 185.2. Today it was down to 184.4. A couple things that may be affecting the weight to make it go down. Walking for like 5 hours straight. Core eating. The ick having arrived....which will in the very near future alleviate some water retention. So any of those things could have caused the drop in my weight. Looking realistically...I didn't drink enough water yesterday, so I highly doubt that water retention had anything to do with it. I'm tipping the bottle (the water bottle) today!

Battlefield Hike fallout........hmmmmm that sounds ominous! As for muscles are a bit sore from our walk yesterday. No becuase walking is so strenuous or anything...but because of the length of time we walked. What really hurts are my feet. I've always had feet being on them for that long kinda kicked up the pain a bit. It will pass...I'll just deal with it. :-) As Todd and I neared our home yesterday at the end of our walk/hike we were talking about how our feet were a bit sore and how we could feel that our muscles had been worked out. It brought up remembrances of some of our previous LONG walks/hikes. This was every bit as long as some of the past ones. There was one that we called the 'death march' you know how we felt when it was over! :-) So it has been neat to see how our endurance has changed over the years!

Didn't want to exercise today.....back to that slight soreness from yesterday. HOwever, I went ahead and thirty minutes down! I didn't do anything super high intensity...but I did something. Felt good! Woo hooo!

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