Monday, April 04, 2011

I've decided.  And I have a time frame.  I'm giving myself 6 months to get myself in line.  Gather myself up.  get my life under control.  And at the end of 6 months, I will make some huge decisions that I've been waffling on.  So my goal....get rid of the weight in these six months!!!!!

How am I doing it???? Accountability with a few good friends.  Tracking my food intake.  Exercise, exercise exercise.  Bike riding, walking, jogging, zumba will all be common themes.  I have decided to train for a 5K....and specifically one that will take on July 4th.  I jogged today.  It is painful to actually post my results of the jog (part walk) because it's so sad ...but here it is. 

walk time 32:35, 2.06 miles, average 15:51 /mile, ascent 587 feet.  

The goal now?  To make it 3.1 miles to make the 5k mark and to obviously move my pace faster so it's not just barely a notch above a walk!