Sunday, November 01, 2015

Day three of the vacation Blitz

Today was probably an awesome day!!!!  The time changed messed me up and I was up at 4:30 wide awake.   I lounged around the hotel room, watched a movie and packed my bags up.   Finally I was ready to head out.  My plan was to head back to the Reading Terminal Market to grab a quick breakfast.  However my friend Donna texted me to find out what was up.   She was who I was planning to meet up with today and knowing that she was as ready and anxious to get our chatting started I decided to skip breakfast and take her up on the plans for an early lunch.  

The drive out of the city and up to their place was quick and easy.  Before I knew it o was knocking on their door.   Ahhh it is so good to see such a good friend!  And in such a pretty town!!!

We hit up an early lunch, did a little shopping and talked non stop for hours.   I introduced her to my new addiction....geocaching!!!

We had dinner out with her husband and talked the evening away.  

It was a wonderful day and just what I needed!!!!!

One more day left until I return to work.   I plan on driving home in a slow leisurely fashion and stopping where and when I want to....maybe a little shopping, maybe a little geocaching....and I think I may need to cut an inch or two off of my maybe a haircut!!!!