Tuesday, June 01, 2021

Back to Work

I just had a glorious five days off of work!  The normal Memorial Day three day weekend occurred,  it I sandwiched that with a Friday and Tuesday off of work! Ahhh it was good!

the First two nights I still slept very poorly and woke from dreams about work and thoughts about work swirling through my head.  Not pleasant!  But after those two nights my body had let go of some of the stress and I started sleeping like a log!

As I mentioned in my Last post, I had a great Visit with my friends.  I also spent time running errands and doing the grocery shopping!  I wanted to have as many of those mundane things done so as to allow more time for flat out fun activities with Jason as he only had a three day weekend!

Saturday dawned and it was rainy and cold!  We relaxed at home.  We watched tv and just enjoyed our time at home!  We did get out of the house for a bit...but it was a very low key day!!  The animals enjoyed having us home for longer stretches!

Mertz loved curling up next to me...and of course our crazy conure, Kiwi had to be involved in everything also!

On Sunday we decided to go exploring a bit.  We went up to Gettysburg and walked all around town.  We did some geocaching while we were out and about and ended up in some interesting and neat places! The Round Barn Farmers Market was quite neat!

We enjoyed the dog jump competition that we stumbled upon also!!

We were tired but happy after our day of fun!

Monday rolled around and we decided to do more geocaching.  So that is Alexa fly what we did...went from geocache to geocache and learned more about the area!

At our very last geocache we saw an old abandoned school!
We circled the school and the back doors were open.  Of course we went in!!

We went home tired, sunburnt and happy.

Tuesday meant back to work for Jason and a dentist appointment for me.  (No cavities!). I then spent some time with mom.  And that rounded put my long glorious weekend!

I am ready to get back to being serious about my weight loss efforts. Not totally strict and unbending, but just a lot more cognizant.  I have maintained and now it’s time to tighten the reigns and lose.  I realized on Friday that this had to be done....but I knew with my commitments that this weekend was going to be just more of hanging on.  But since it is back to the routing as of tomorrow, it’s time to get serious!

it’s not easy...but it will be worth it!