Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Let me lay out my challenge for this week first. My challenge is to navigate a week full of baking in my kitchen without gaining weight! Yes, I'll be baking this and that all week long in preparation for an open house we are having. I can do it!!!

My other goal for the week......to take the first step to getting back into exercising......so my goal is to exercise 3 times this week!

I've been feeling blah the last few days.....so I'm trying to remember that being blah is not an excuse to eat. And that eating will not make one not feel better and thus take away the blahs! HOWEVER, when it seems as if life is spinning madly (out of control or otherwise). I CAN control my eating. I can take control of that one portion of my life. And the feeling of empowerment is all encompassing!