Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Didn't go to Pizza Hut today. So the craving is still there...but we went to something that I probably ate more wisely at. Well, I ate more veggies and stuff where we went. Tis all good. The bad thing about the day. The day just seemed to go catawumpus. I didn't get to the gym as planned. We are 'planning' on doing Dance Dance Revolution tonight. ANd if I don't I've GOT to ride the exercise bike. I've GOT to! No if's and's or buts!

Tomorrow I'll be going to the gym....I have an appointment with a personal trainer at our new gym. SO it's a preset I'll definitely get to the gym tomorrow. Remains to be seen if she'll work me out or spend most of it setting up a plan for me. We'll see. Either way it will be good. Quite honestly I'd like her to set up a plan and get me started.....I need a kick in the tail end!

OTher than the miserable pouring rain we've had off an on all day......well, that's just about it! Ohhh I did break down and buy a rain jacket with a hood today! I 'fit' into the size medium, which I was pretty darn tickled about...but I decided to go with the size was a bit more roomy for me. BUT I FIT IN A SIZE MEDIUM!