Sunday, November 20, 2016

Out of control

It's not too bad is the words I said when I stepped into the scales on my official weigh in day on Wednesday.  I was only up by one pound.   However...each day thereafter my weight has popped up higher and higher!

What is wrong with me that I can't get my eating under control?   I can blame other people.  Like mom for talking to me before work making me late which caused me to grab a fast food breakfast on the way to work.  Maybe I should blame diana my manager for bringing donuts to work...and of course she got peanut butter!!!  Wait...Jason wanted Ben and Jerry's ice cream last night!!! And mom had those wonderful pumpkin cookies leftover that she offered me!!! Terri wanted a frosty after Mexican, it's her fault!!!

But in is no ones fault but my own!!! Jason didn't tie me down, melt the ice cream and pour it down my gullet!   Mom didn't keep me from grabbing an apple or a piece of fruit when I was running late.  The donut didn't have my name etched into the icing!!!  I made the choices to partake!  Me and me alone!!!!

So I face thanksgiving week in front of the eight ball...already significantly up on the scales (5-6 pounds)!   

How?  Reigning myself in is proving to be horribly difficult!!!   Do you think the doctor would just wore my jaw shut???