Monday, November 08, 2021

A new Week

 My weight is NOT going down.  I'm still on the struggle bus.   I am kinda just floundering! I ate too much each weekend day. 

Ok, now that I got that first statement out of the way, lets talk about some of my thoughts and plans.  Good old fashioned bullet style entry.

* My weekend eating was a bit higher than I would have desired.  I at between 1800 and 2000 calories each day.  Not utterly horrible, but definitely something that I need to fix.

* Last week I finished a book called Fast Feast Repeat.  It talked more about the proper way to fast and different variations.   It opened my eyes and really went well with the book that I recently read that made me think more about my plan and what I need to be doing.   I haven't been REALLY fasting since I have been drinking my flavored waters in the morning.  I made a decision to really a CLEAN fast.  Only water during my fasting hours! 

*  I had in the past been doing a 16:8 intermittent fast.  To explain what that is, I basically was fasting (or I thought I was fasting) for 16 hours and then I was allowing myself to eat within an 8 hour window.    It was a natural switch for me.  HOwever, after reading about the fast, I am wanting to go more toward an OMAD fast.  I'm not quite ready to go that far.  BUT, This week I am going to try a 19:5 fast.  So I will fast for 19 hours.  Basically, I will eat a light lunch/snack at my last break during my work day, then eat dinner like normal (which for us is around 7PM).  

* By eating on my last break versus my lunch break, I will have the lunch break hour free to ride the exercise bike.  No excuses!

*  I will continue tracking my food.  I can still do a lot of damage in 5 hours.  So tracking will continue.  At least for the foreseeable future.  The books all say that you don't need to track with intermittent fasting and the books even go on to talk about how your body will adjust and you will be able to eat more intuitively and mindfully.  I sure hope so!  That would be amazing!

* I am not yet sure how I will handle fasting on the weekends.  I know people do fast and still hike and whatnot, but I am not yet sure.  I may use my weekends and drop it back to a 16:8 plan.  We shall see. That is up in the air.  I've got a few days until the weekend rolls around where I have to have my plan in place!

SO there you have it.  The news that my weight loss journey is stalled and my thoughts and plans for this week to unstick it!  :-)