Sunday, May 07, 2017


Ok so it's not been good!  

My eating is out of control.   My May goals.....mostly all already messed up and lost!

So I'm starting my month over...May 8 is the beginning of my month!!!!! (I am writing this in the evening on May 7....but I'm done eating for the evening so it's not like I'm avoiding starting and delaying it.)

There will be some changes in scheduling and whatnot coming my way in the next few weeks.   I'm determined to roll with the punches and use the changes to institute some healthier habits!!!!

Another great weekend in the books....
Some hiking in Shenandoah National Park...
We haven't hiked recently...and while we have been active we could tell the lack of hiking in our legs!!!
Can you tell we were happy to be back on the trail in the mountains??? 
No mushrooms though....not morels...but we did see these that are supposedly referred to as bear corn.  And no..even though there were lots of bear sightings today...none by us. 
A graveyard in the park along the trail.....leftover from the time before the park when people lived on these mountains.

And that is my update....just vowing to get it back together.  Hiking will be so much easier with less weight on my body!!!!!