Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Body Image

Timothy over at Timothology  has been pondering the concept of body image.  He has been relating the dissatisfaction with our bodies  to the images in our media...the perfect images that we see in magazines and ads.  At the same time It is interesting because my friend  Sherry and I have also been talking about body image. We have been talking mainly about how we see ourselves and in particular our bodies.   I know that I have a very warped sense of my body image.  I don't see myself the way that I am.  When I weighed 315 pounds I looked in the mirror and I saw a 'normal' sized person.  The crazy thing happened though when I lost the weight...I looked in the mirror and saw the fat MaryFran.  Nuts I tell you!  The scales can be telling me that I'm losing mad pounds and I don't see it at all.  It makes it difficult sometimes.  (I can see it in pictures...I remember once when I was 'thin' I saw a picture of  this girl at his studio, draped over his board...I was MAD that he was posing with her...SERIOUSLY MAD.....until he gently reminded me that I had lost weight and that the girl in the pictures was ME!)  Soo how does one right these warped body image issues???

SOooo the last month has been a struggle with the weight loss.....I really haven't lost much...I've been sitting pretty steady at my weight.  That's ok...I'm doing what I need to be doing and I know the weight WILL come off.  (That said, I want it off NOW...ha ha ha).  But yesterday evening I was looking for a picture on my cell phone and low and behold I realized that I had two pictures of myself...same position....same outfit....roughly 1.5 to 2 months part.  Hmmmmmm  The scales may not be showing results but I do believe I can see a bit of a difference. 
Mid February 2013

April 4, 2013
I will admit to sucking my gut in during both of those shots!  ha ha ha

This morning I got out and ran.  This is my first nice weather run outdoors!  I felt naked without my umpteen layers of clothes!   My plan for improving my running?   I've decided upon this.  Right now I am going to work on increasing my distance.  Last week I was running 2 miles.  This week (today) I'm upping it to 2.5 miles.   I will run the 2.5 miles this week.  Next week I will bump it up to 3 miles.  I will run 3 miles every run next week.  At that point I will be right at the mileage I need for a 5k (OK who's counting those extra tenths....chump change).  I will then look at my time from my runs for the 3 mile week.  If I'm running the 3 miles in 45 minutes...then the following week my goal will be to run the 3 miles in 42.5 minutes.  And the following week running the 3 miles in 40 minutes.  Each week pushing myself to go faster.  This is my plan....lets see how it works!