Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Holiday plans and new years goals

The good ol' weight is still up there. I've decided to go to my meeting tonight. HOWEVER, I'm not going to weigh in. That way in the back of my mind I still have this 5 pound deficit that I need to face. If I go ahead and face the music..then I'll get the five pound deficit over with...and then if I only lose 2 pounds over the next few...I'll be like, "woo hooo, I lost two pounds"..when in reality, I've gained 3 over the time period. BUT, now, if I only lose two...I'll have to come back and face the scales...and I'll be super motivated because I won't want to come back and say "I've gained three pounds." Yeah, it's the same...but I'm trying to play a psychological game with myself. I'm setting out a challenge! :-) We'll see how it works. The other thing.....my meetings are on Tuesdays. It is difficult for me to get to any other meetings...with my work schedule...and the fact that the meetings are about 15 -20 minutes away from my house. So with christmas being on Tuesday...and new years also...that puts me at a chance of not making it to a meeting until jan. 8th. And that is a pretty likely chance...since Alan, Cindy and the kids will be in for the holidays. SOOOOO...that actually gives me three weeks to eradicate this 5 pounds. I know that I most likely won't be making my 175 pound goal....uhh yeah, a miracle could occur...but it's not likely. So I'm shooting to at least be back into the 170's by New Years.....or by that 1-8-08 weigh in at the lastest! So that is my plan! :-)

Wow...it's hard to believe that Christmas is just one week away!!!!! Where has time gone! And 2008 is just two weeks from arrival!!! Woah!!!!

This year has been a particularly difficult year for weight loss. It seems as if I've taken two steps forward...two steps back! Very frustrating! BUT, I guess when I look at it...I lost about 25-30 pounds. If I can do that again in 2008...then I'll be at or very near my goal! So that's not too bad. Yeah, I'd like to make my goal by my anniversary...which would be slightly less than 2 pounds per week. Realistically I'm going to shoot for the beginning of June.....which makes my weekly pounds that I need to lose to be about 1.25 pounds! That is actually doable...even with a bad week here and there! To do it by my birthday...next December...I hav to lose .59 pounds a week! So there you have it...my hopeful goal (be at goal by my anniversary), my realistical goal..(be at goal by June 1st) and my "I'll kick myself if I don't make this goal" (be at my goal by my birthday!) Conversally speaking....I have to lose .74 pounds a week to be at my goal by Julies wedding.

Speaking of my goal. I don't know if that is a plausible goal for me. I've chosen 150 pounds. However, I'm very cognizant of the fact that 150 may not be a good number for me. I could be so lucky to get to 160 pounds and find out that 160 is the perfect weight for me.....or I could be very unlucky and find out that 150 is still a little high for my body type.....so that goal is kinda subject to change......

Size wise...I think my goal is about an 8-10. But that is all guess work...I have no clue!!!!!