Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Sometimes things happen for a reason.  Seriously, they do!  I’m going to just say one last time…July has been the month from H E double hockey sticks!    It’s been a disaster emotionally and physically.  I ate and ate and ate.  I gained a total of 1 pound for the month of July.  It could have been worse (thank God for the flu).  I can use excuses about the restricted exercise.  I can use excuses about the emotions that kicked me A$$.  I can do all of that, but I have to also admit that I was like a shark in  chum filled water.  It was a feeding frenzy that grew a little more crazy each day.   No more.  I want to get to my goal and I know how to do it!
When the doctor told me I had a debilitating and life threatening injury that would prevent me from running or doing anything high impact I was bummed out.  My running was progressing.  I was seeing progress in my running.  I was having some fast paced runs. Seriously, I was starting to rival Jackie Joyner Kercee  in speed.  (shut up….. I know that I’m old and out of touch with the current stuff….but that’s the only runner I could think of!)  I was flying on my runs.  I was even breaking a 12 minute mile on some of my good runs.  OK, so maybe I was only rivaling her in my head, but the victory to me was just the same.  It was only a few months earlier that I couldn’t even run 60 seconds without feeling as if I was going to collapse in a heap of sweaty fat on the side of the road.  I had gotten to the point where I could run straight without stopping. I had pushed myself through the ‘You can’t do this’ mentality and starting just doing it.  I was starting to see my average pace drop.  I was DOING IT.    I had broken my goal of running a 5k in less than 40 minutes…in fact I blew my goal out of the water.   I was registered for the Krumpes Donut Alley Rally.   In case you don’t know what Krumpes is….Krumpes has been a tradition in my family for longer than I’ve been around.  My parents would leave church on Sunday nights (way back int he 70's)  and swing down to this little alley donut shop that was open from late evening until early morning and pick up donuts.  When my parents left Hagerstown to go to Bible College and work in the ministry as a preacher and preachers wife, we would still visit family in Hagerstown,  Krumpes donuts were a staple on each visit.  Eventually we moved back to this area and my brother introduced his kids to the love of a Krumpe Donut.  So when I heard that Krumpes was doing a 5k I KNEW it was one I wanted to do.  In fact, I wanted to do this run before I even started running seriously.  This is the epitome of running. (and they BETTER give me a free donut after I flail around acting like I’m running!)  Anyway, I registered for this run a few months back.  In fact, this is the run that I based my future running off of.  I’ve said over and over that I will give running a go until August 9th…..I will reevaluate at that time.  Ever wonder why August 9th?   Well, because that’s the date of the Donut Alley Rally!  I wanted to do this run.  I NEEDED to do this run.  So when the doctor told me on July 3rd that I shouldn’t be doing anything that was remotely high impact and to even limit walking for 4-6 weeks I was panicked.  That put me RIGHT at the Donut Alley Rally.  I waited….I watched.  I tried the sleeping boot.  I tried the shoe inserts, I bought the slip over arch supports.  I started taping my foot.  I iced and simultaneously rolled my foot on a frozen water bottle.  I stopped wearing heels.  I stopped any activity that caused an impact.  About a week or two I bought new running shoes.  I was getting antsy to recommence with running.   Yesterday I started to run.  My foot isn’t 100% well…but I’ve got a race to run.   I’m only giving myself a week and a half to prepare for it after exactly 5 weeks away from running.  So while I talked for a while about aiming for a new PR on the Donut Alley Rally, I will be running it to just plain and simply run it.  My goal is to finish it at this point.   

Oh, and my reevaluation about running….I’m going to continue.  
This upcoming race stressed me out for a while.  I wanted to run it so bad and I sat nursing an injury….trying to learn how to manage it and cause it to ease up.  I eventually said, ok…the event is raising money for a good cause one that escapes my memory at this time, so my money isn’t going to be wasted if I don’t run it.   That made me feel a bit better.   But this morning when I was running I realized that being preregistered for this race was a good thing…just as having the injury was a good thing.
The injury was good because it forced me to get out on my bike and push through the pain of ridinga road bike versus a mountain bike.  This was made easier since biking was my sole form of exercise (that could be because I was too lazy to make it to the gym to use the elliptical….oops).   Being preregistered for the race has motivated me to push myself.  Some may say I started back too early….but seriously, how long must one wait…because I know the old Maryfran would have waited until 6 years after the last twinge of pain had left my body.
Yesterday morning's run left me with 4.09 miles left to complete in July.  There was NO FREAKING WAY that I was going to miss my mileage goal by 4.09 miles.  I knew that Wednesday was to be a zumba day and that there was a good chance that I would get a short walk in with my husband but nothing NEAR the 4.09 miles….so I got off work at 6, ran to the pharmacy to pick up my husbands medicine, went to a store and picked him up a snack and then stopped him off his snack, drink and meds.  Then I rushed home to gear up like Lance Armstrong (albeit one without drugs in my system) and head out to get a few miles under my belt. Oh wait, it was getting late so I ended up gearing up and riding my exercise bike like a wild woman.  7.5 miles down..and my mileage goal is COMPLETE!!!!  YAY!!!!!

This morning....weighed myself and my weight is DROPPIING!   ~~cue angels singing~~

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How quickly the mind forgets

I headed out this morning to really test out my foot.  Yes, I still have aches in my heel.  I am accepting that I have plantars fasciitis and that means that I will have to learn how to deal with that.  It's a thing of learning to manage I do believe.  SO I'm learning to manage.  I also know that getting the weight off of my body will help the issue!

So I headed out.  I was in my new bright blue shoes.  (ahhh how cool, the shoes match my current KT tape  (which you can't see in this picture).  Not for long...I'm switching to PINK tape after the blue is gone!     I woke up and started to get ready.  It was exactly 5 weeks to the morning since I last ran.  Wow....I was out of practice.  I used to get ready in a few minutes.  Today I was running in circles.  I got dressed then remembered my HRM.  I got that on and then taped my foot (that was my first priority) and headed to the kitchen.  I then remembered the need for my ipod.  I got that and was ready to head out and realized that...DUH, I need headphones.  Yeah, it was NUTS.   Finally I was out and in the car.    I was halfway to where I planned to run and I whacked myself in the forehead....DUH, I forgot my hat!   The hat is important for two reasons.  One, it keeps the sweat somewhat under control as it holds the sweat (yeah, my hats all have sweat stains on them...what of it?).  Secondly, my hair is shorter on top and the hat keeps my hair loosely under control.   Shortly after that discovery I figured out that I didn't have sunglasses either.  OH well......such is life. 

I started running.  I felt pretty good.  I ran for 2.57 miles.  It wasn't fast by any rate.  The five weeks off slowed me down a bit (however, in fairness I wasn't trying to run for speed, I was running just to test the waters).  I felt good.  I probably could have gone further, but I didn't want to push it.   I figured go shorter and see how my body reacts.  Yes, that is me after my run...really bad picture..but you can see the sun behind me (I was running toward the sun of course for part of it) so thus the need for the can also see my out of control hair!  GRRR

So I was so discombobulated with my preparations that I made another error.....Yeah, what do you notice wrong with the picture to the right?????  Let me give you a hint...the picture was taken AFTER my run.  Yes, by golly.....I forgot to turn on my HRM when I started to run.  DUH.  Ok ok ok, so 5 weeks off threw me off my stride.  I've got this.  My planning and ease will come back!

I have had a goal of 150 miles in the month of July.  I am now about 3 miles from completing that goal.  My plan is to go out tonight on my bike to finish off that challenge.  And yes, I'm setting the challenge again in August.  Only I'm aiming for 200 miles!  :-) 

Soo, I officially had my weigh in this week...and I'm up for 1 pound in the month of July.  Yeah, my weigh in this week was NOT pretty.  I will say that I had chinese and mexican and I've been drinking a LOT of diet my body has been overloaded on sodium....but you know what...that's excuses.  I also ate not the greatest!   No looking back....looking forward to being back on my game!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The affect of our words, what a month. (and yes I am fully cognizant of the fact that it's not over yet).  At the very beginning of July I was officially diagnosed with Plantars Fasciitis and of  a little lessor of  concern Tarsal Tunnel.  I was told to limit my activities that were high impact.  That was followed up with a bout with the flu/food poisoning (the jury is out about which I had...all I know is that I was absolutely miserable!), on the heels of  that was dealt a huge emotional blow that has left me reeling.  (feel free to imagine and conjure up a story...tame or off the hook's all good....imagination is a good thing  ha ha ha).  It's wreaked havoc on my exercise. Seriously, an injury/ache that limited my exercise, the flu that wiped me out and emotions that made me feel like I wasn't worthy of the time needed to invest in this process and new lifestyle.  What a bad combination.  July honestly would have been a TOTAL bust for me weight loss wise (that's assuming I don't gain for this last weigh in that will occur early next week) if it weren't for the fact that I had the flu and I puked some weight off of my body.

Exercise was wonky and lets face it...I'm a food addict.   Did I mention that there have been a lot of emotions involved in the last month?   Well there was.  I barely controlled my eating..there were a few stellar days of eating.  There were a few crazy days of eating.  There were a lot of borderline days of eating.

I went out riding today.  I procrastinated for quite some time this morning.  I was reading blogs and playing around on my computer.  Finally I pushed my computer aside and said, "no more until you go riding."   So I pushed myself out.  Oh yeah, my mind was screaming all sorts of excuses at me...but I ignored them!   I not only went for a ride....I pushed myself for an extra few hellish hilly miles.  OK ok ok, I have to admit it.  My rule is to only unclip and put my feet down if I have to at crossroads/stop signs.  Other than my little problem on the ride with my brother I have been able to hold onto that 'rule' .  Until today.  Yeah, I was on my 'new section' that was hilly.  VERY hilly.  I could see the tail end...the last stop sign before I got back to more familiar territory .  I was struggling up the last hill...out of the the didn't make a legs were SHOT at that point.  I went slower and slower, struggling.  I went so slow that I started to go over.   Go over as in FALL DOWN.   Yes, I was of course clipped in.  I saw my life flash before my eyes as I tilted over.  For a split second I thought that I was going to have a date with the pavement.  Somehow instinct took over and I kicked my heel outward, popping me out of the clip and at one of the last possible minutes put my foot on the ground and caught myself.   I rested a few minutes and I'm embarrassed to say that I walked the last 10 feet up the feel (yeah, I was THAT close and I have NEVER walked up a I ruined THAT perfect record)  Regardless, my ride was done and I DID get back on the bike and went the last 5 miles to get myself home.  :-)

Today as I was slogging up the biggest hill I encountered a motorcycle with two riders came up behind me.  I vaguely knew they were there (hello, you can hear them coming).  They were out cruising and enjoying the historic views surrounding my town.  They slowed down beside me and the woman on the back looked at me and yelled. "This is one hell of a hill, you are doing GREAT!"  They both gave me thumbs up and went on their way.   I had been riding out of my saddle...which is the most difficult thing for me right now, I don't do it too much and it....well I haven't mastered HURTS and my breathing gets out of whack.  SO I was out of my saddle struggling up this hill and their words helped me get to the top.  I don't know who they are...but they meant so much to me today (too bad they weren't there a mile or so later when I was struggling up the hill that undid me...haa haa haa)    Seriously, those words from a stranger meant sooo much to me.

Early this year when I was spending hours out on the battlefield pushing through the C25K training I frequently say a man.  He drove a white truck with West Virginia tags and has a very short fat poodle (seriously, this dog is as wide as she is tall).  I was doing intervals so I was walking a lot of the time and got a chance to stop and pet the dog.  This man NEVER failed to talk to me.   Then I hit the  big wall that you hit during that C25K training..that first 20 minute straight run was a rough one.  I was doing it and pushing through the last few minutes, determined to finish it no matter what.  This man walked by me and said "I've been watching you the last weeks.  You are doing it and it makes me proud and happy to watch your transformation".  I said thanks and didn't even stop to pet the pup because I HAD to finish that straight run to prove it to myself.   I saw him numerous times after that.  We always said hi and I always gave his doggy some attention.   I need to thank him for his words.......they meant so much.  (Unfortunately, after I made the decision to thank him...I've not run into him!)

So compliment people.......encourage has a PROFOUND affect!

PS  I WILL conquer that hill very SOON!!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Jack of all Trades, Master of None

In my personal life I have taken on that roll.  I love so many crafts.  I love to quilt, so I will start quilting. I’m in my glory and gung ho to quilt forever.  I make plans and forge full steam ahead.  But then a few days….or a few weeks…..or maybe even a few months later and I get bored with quilting and something else catches my eye. Cross stitch!  Yes, I LOVE cross stitching.  So I immerse myself in that for a few hours, days …….   Until I get bored or until something else catches my eye….oh my word, Scrapbooking.  So much Fun! There are so many things….and eventually I do come around full cycle and pick up the quilting again, or pick up the cross stitch or crochet.  However,   I flit from hobby to hobby.  It could be a lack of attention span. (ha ha ha)    Because of this, I call myself a Jack of All Trades, Master of None.  I don’t really ‘master’ anything.  I dabble with lots.  I have a very good working knowledge of a lot of different things. I’m a true renaissance woman!  Sometimes that bothers me, it would be awesome to excel at one thing versus being good at a lot.  But that’s how I roll.  I can’t change my nature, my personality nor who I am. 
Earlier this year, I started to really pour myself into exercise.  I was riding, running, zumba-ing, playing tennis with my husband (or at least doing something that WE called playing tennis), walking with a friend.  I was doing so much and I was loving every second of it. (cue the grim reaper music) Then I had the dreaded foot issue crop up in late June.  I was advised of a few options for exercise.  The main options on the table were to use an elliptical, ride a bike or go swimming.   Swimming was off the table as a regular thing as you need access to a pool…and in fact I’ve not been able to swim at all.  I had grand plans to get to the gym to use the elliptical, but that didn’t happen either.  I did however get on my bike.  And I struggled to maintain any continuity with biking.  (granted, I had some blows during that time…in the form of hurling my guts up one week….some emotional issues another….but still).  I was perplexed.  I had been exercising religiously and all of a sudden it became a struggle.  I couldn’t understand it.
This week it clicked.  I went back to zumba on Wednesday night.  My foot did fine.  There were a few times in the choreography that my foot shot pain, but mostly it was a dull ache….so anytime those steps came up, I just marched in place.  I pushed it further and tried to run on Thursday night.  I was absolutely giddy with excitement when I was heading out.   The foot is giving me a bit of grief today and the jury is out if I’ll be able to restart running on a regular basis….but I learned a lesson about myself.  While I get bored and like variety in my crafts and hobbies……I am the same way with my exercise.  Variety is the key to my success.  I LOVE mybike.  I love the wind in my face and the sound of the wheels on the pavement (or if I’m on my trek the sound of the wheels crunching the pebbles on the canal). I enjoy it.   But doing it every day with no other variety added in doesn’t work for me.  Because you see, I love running. I love the feeling of pushing myself and the little sweat rivulets that run down my back and the feeling of my feet hitting the pavement, the slow moving scenery and the way my mind works when I run. (it does take a totally different path then when I’m biking…both are good….just different for some reason).  Zumba is immensely fun…maybe no longer as high intensity as I need, but still just fun and still a good workout.  It’s a social hour for me.  It’s a place where I can get my sweat on but also interact with people.   It is exercise, but totally different for me.   Tennis…same thing, good but different.  That is husband time….it’s still moving and active.  I still work up a sweat (I don’t enjoy that sweat as much as I really do love the running sweat) but it’s time to spend with my husband.  Walking. My walks with Sherry are Sacred.  Don’t mess with our walk!   Variety.  I would still treasure my walks with sherry, but if I only walked every day, I would quickly grow bored.  If I played tennis everyday I would quickly grow bored. One activity does not work for me.   I in fact admire people that can do the same thing day in and day out….but that’s just not something I can do….and I just realized that it is not only in crafts…but it’s in my exercise…I need variety!
On that same note.  I may always be a jack of all trades with some of these crafts. I’m ok with that. It’s good to dabble in and know a bit about a lot.  But I’m not going to be a jack of all trades with my exercise.  I am mastering the road bike.  My body doesn’t ache on a regular basis (for days afterward too) when I ride. Yeah, I have days where I feel a little stiffness or whatnot, but not the God awful aches that I had when I first started.   I still am not very fast and hills still are excruciating….but I’m getting better and I WILL master it!  Running.  I was running about a 11 ½ to12 minute mile when I was injured.  That was still slower than where I wanted to be but it was miles faster then where I was in January.  I will figure out this foot thing and I will get back to running and I will conquer!  
Hmmm…maybe I really SHOULD think more seriously about a multi-disciplinarian sport such as a…..wait for it……..a triathlon…….
So today…my heel aches a bit…I was going to leave it un-taped today (for a break) but I was walking and it was aching quite a bit so I decided to tape it to give that extra support.  It really does seem to ease it up.   Someone asked me in my messages what is this KT tape.  It is an athletic tape that is super sticky…and super stretching.  When applied correctly (different applications for different muscles and tendons) it relieves the pressure of movement and stress upon those muscles and tendons.  I usually forget it’s on my foot (unlike braces and wraps that start to annoy, itch and dig into me and cause me to feel like that part of my body is a furnace after a few hours).  It is touted to be something that stays on for a few days.  I’ve found that I have to replace it within 24 hours…..but in fairness, that could be due to the fact that it is on my foot…so it’s getting more use, friction and wear and tear versus a shoulder or a knee.  I have been able to wear the sleeping foot thing at night even with my foot taped.  It really is a cool product.  Is it the placebo affect?   Who knows….but I really do sincerely believe it helps. 
So I bought new running shoes and used them yesterday (they are spiffy looking too) and they rubbed a blister.  GRRRRR  Hoepfully it’s just a ‘break them in’ issue!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Love should not equal food

I show love with food.  I have found myself doing this numerous times. When we want to celebrate, we go out to eat.  When we are sad, we go out to eat.   When we are upset….tired….wired….you name it.  When I want to do something nice for my husband I make him his favorite muffins or desserts. I show and accept love and food is the most common medium.   It is a learned behavior.  I remember as a child eating an M&M as a reward when I got my practice spelling words right.  I can’t rightly say that this is something that my parents did…but I’m sure I learned the behavior somewhere.   We always soothed and celebrated with food. That’s the way we were. My grandmother always had favorite soups on the stove when we showed up for vacations. My mom always made my brothers favorite cake and bought his favorite tasty cakes when they would visit.   It’s love. Plain and simple, love.
So Todd and I have been in a rough patch.  We are valiantly working on things and trying to get back to a good place.  My first thought was to go back to what worked for us way back when.    What worked for us?   Our relationship was centered around food.  We ate…..a lot!  We ate well and we ate often.  Now I’m not saying that we don’t eat.  I’m not saying that we don’t eat some scrumptious food.  I’m just saying that we’ve tried to take the focus away from food.  So as I’ve tried to put us back to a better place, it’s been my first inclination to show love with food.  I have been maintaining…but it’s a struggle because I’m wanting to medicate myself with food and at the same time I’m wanting to show love and recreate our love with food.   A nightmare!

Got to stop this trend!!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Stuck between

I am in a weird place.  I want to lose weight so badly that I can taste it.  I dream about it.  I get excited about it.  I WANT this.  UP until a month or two ago, I was working my BUTT off to reach that goal.  Then My foot started to hurt.  I eased off. (more on that later).  I was advised by the doctor that I could ride, use the elliptical and swim.  SO I started back up and was struggling to get my momentum again. Then I got sick.  Bam, the momentum got sliced in half again.  I’m well again…and I’m trying to get back into it again.  The problem…..right after I got ‘well’  I was hit with an emotional windstorm that has knocked the wind right out of my sails. 
This morning I was out on my bike riding.  I was crying as I rode along.  I’m sure passing motorists were wondering what in the world to do about the girl that was pedaling down the road at warp speed…well warp speed for me….with tears streaming down her cheeks. The ride cleansed that from me….or at least gave me the outlet for the emotions.  After the emotions had washed away, at least temporarily I was able to look at my weight loss efforts realistically and with an open mind.
So what did I discover?  When I’m losing weight my SOLE focus is on the weight loss efforts.   My focus in the last week or two has been divided.  I am overwhelmed by everything going on in my head and that is taking the focus from my weight loss.  I need to bring the focus back to where it needs to be. Easier said than done….but I’m going to try.  
The foot……well as I said in previous posts,  I saw the doctor.  I did everything he said to do. However, it’s not really getting better.  Well, let me take that back.  The bad pain has eased up, but the foot still hurts.  And hurts worse when I do something where I’m on my feet a lot.   GRRR.   I’m trying the KT tape.  I’ve heard really good things about it.  It’s a brilliant blue (that’s what the store had….I am personally a red girl….so I would have preferred red!  Maybe next time.)   It seems to be helping to ease up the ache.  We shall see. I’m about ready to pack it in and just start going to zumba (I miss my zumba peeps) and start running (I have a 5k that I’m registered for in less than three weeks!) and just ….oh well, you know what I mean!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Holding on

Took a sneak peak at the scales today and I was happy with what I saw.  I DO need to tighten up on the ice cream in the evening though.  NO MORE ICE CREAM!   Ok, maybe I should just say "cut down the portion of your ice cream"   ha ha ha. 

I've been getting out on my bike in the mornings and it's going well.  My body feels the workout but my body doesn't ache from the unfamiliarity of the road bike.  Today I did have a bit of a stiff kneck/upper back.  Who knows.  Did I mention that it's hotter than Hades outside?   Yeah, really hot.  Did I mention that I was out riding in it?   Oh yeah, I guess I did.  Like I said, I've been trying to get out early before the sun is bearing down full on my head. 

One foot in front of the other.......but I will say this.....if I can maintain my current weight through to my official weigh in on Monday morning I'll be buying a charm.   :-)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sweaty but happy

Well, today I got back on the bike.  No excuses.  I've done light 20 minute token activity (I won't even call it exercise) the last few days but knew that it wasn't cutting it.  I needed to get back out and sweat.  I needed it for a number of reasons.   I've been shaken to my core again by some things happening and I've been trying to work through them.  I've been fighting the urge to eat food to drown my sadness.  I know that exercise clears my mind and helps me stay away from food. So it was SUPER important that I get out and REALLY exercise.  I needed it.  Plus, I'm not going to get into onederland easily if I don't exercise. (possible to do it without exercise, but it will take a super strict diet...and that's not what I'm aiming for...I"m aiming to LIVE). 

Yesterday I talked about getting the ball rolling.  I got it rolling...literally today with my bike ride.  I just went 10 miles but it felt good.  I was doing something for ME again.  I was recommitting to this process.   I'm roughly 30 pounds away from my 'high end' (doctor recommended high end) goal.  (yes, I think I'm cutting myself short by saying that I want to stop at 180 pounds...I'm 5'8"....I'm going to lose down to where I need to least see how I look when I'm in the proper weight range for my BMI....which for me is 164 or less....if I'm doing this, I"m going to do it RIGHT!)  So I exercised this morning, food is all accounted for and planned out for the day.  There is a planned walk with Todd tonight....just a mile , maybe two.  We will see how my foot handles it. Heading to the shower now.  I'm sweaty after my ride, but I'm happy with myself for doing it!
As a little post weigh has held me back from so much my whole life.  I don't want that to be the case I'm pondering doing something crazy crazy crazy for my weight loss celebration maybe my onederland...maybe my goal weight celebration.  I don't know.   Sky diving.  The thought has been floating around in my head.  Yeah, I know my mom will have a conniption. (maybe I can talk my brother into doing it with me....may as well cause her to totally lose her marbles!.....ha ha ha)   I don't' know where the sky diving thing came from .  Just the other day I said to my self "Self, wouldn't it be cool to jump from a plane?"    Not saying it's going to happen.  But I'm kinda chewing this idea around in my head.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Start the wheels turning again

Momentum.  I had momentum.  I was gung ho to get this weight off.  I had the momentum of a really good exercise routine on my side.  I had the ball rolling in the right direction and life was going great.
Then I hit a speed bump.   The first speed bump was the pain in my foot. I continued on for a day or two after the pain began, but eventually stopped until I found out what was happening.   My  momentum was altered.  I went to the doctor and decided that for the sake of healing that I would use the elliptical and ride my bike as my forms of exercise.  I started to rebuild my momentum.  I was rolling along (literally hahaha).   And then out of the blue I got hit with another speed bump. The second speed bump was in the form of being sick.   It knocked me out of commission and it took me a while to get back on my feet.  
I was well enough to ride this past weekend.  However, my momentum is gone.  I didn’t ride.  I didn’t make it to the gym to use the elliptical.  I didn’t…I didn’t….I didn’t.  BAD, I know!   I swore that I would get up and ride early this morning.  Did I?   NO.   Not good. 
When the ball is rolling it’s a great thing. The momentum carries you along even when you aren’t feeling it.  But when that momentum comes to a grinding halt it takes a whole bunch to get it moving again.   I’m pushing my shoulder against that big boulder right now trying to get it moving.   I NEED to get it moving for a few reasons.  Number one, exercise is healthy and will help me with my weight loss efforts.  Secondly, I need it for my emotional well being.  Exercise has been a stress reliever….it has a calming effect on my emotions.  I NEED that right now.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sniff sniff sniff

I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing.   My appetite has been in the toilet ever since I got sick (ha ha ha, I guess pun the toilet...ha ha ha).  I am hungry but jut haven't been able to eat much.  Until today.   I am absolutely famished today.   I'm working to try to contain my levels of food intake, but seriously....I'm hungry! 

The scales have been kind to me.  I'm hoping that I can hold on to the weight that I've been showing for the last 4 days.  If I can, I will have recouped all my weight gain from last week and then added onto it.  That would be SPLENDID!   I've been consistently weighing at 210.   That would be better than splendid.   That would put me within spitting distance of onederland.  Holy cow!

I've been really lax about my workouts this week.  Oh wait, that's mainly because I was sick...and then up even through Friday I just felt wiped out and worn out.  Yesterday was the first day I felt remotely normal.    I got a short burst of light exercise in this morning and I've  worked around the house.  My plan is to get rolling tomorrow.  Nothings going to stop me now...I can smell the one hundreds and it smells mighty fine!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Gift horse

I was rather bummed out about the fact that over the weekend that I showed 5 pounds up.  Yeah, literally 5 pounds in two days.  I didn't eat 5 pounds worth of food.  SO I was reasonably sure that it was mostly water weight as I KNOW that I was somewhat dehydrated on Saturday and Sunday I was outside all day in some pretty extreme heat.  I was drinking diet soda all weekend (which usually drives my weight up...water weight, I guess because of the sodium).   Regardless, I was bummed.

On Monday night I got home and went right to bed.  I was up a few hours later with terrible pains in my stomach and lets just say that I dropped all of those added pounds and then some within the next few hours.  Not the way I wanted to lose weight, but I'll take it!  Seriously, I'm not going to turn any weight loss aside!  In the future though, I'd like to stick to the good old fashioned watching what I eat and exercising like a mad woman to drop pounds!!!

I hope to be back on my bike very soon.  There is no way I could have even attempted it today. (I could barely make it through washing dishes for 10 minutes).  I probably will give myself tomorrow also and see how I handle a 'normal' day.  Right now I'm projecting to be back out by Friday!   On Monday I was planning that Tuesday I was going to add miles and more hills to my ride....I may not do that on Friday but it is COMING.

The other awesome side affect of my sickness. For the last two days I've pretty much laid flat on my back.  I've not walked and this forced inactivity has given my heel issues some time to settle down.  I noticed today that my heel didn't bother me at all.  Dare I hope......

Monday, July 08, 2013


It caught up with me.  Ok, maybe not totally. I’m reasonably sure that some of my ‘official weigh in’ results is the fact that it was stinkin’ hot this weekend.  I spent hours outside and as such I ended up drinking a lot of drinks that are higher sodium (which I know causes my weight to spike).  But I’m not going to lie.  I have not been eating right for the last few weeks.  
No excuses.  I have done this to myself.  I’ve been skirting on the edge.  I’ve not been horribly bad but I’ve allowed too many carbohydrates to creep into my life and maybe even a snack or two also.   That alone would be ok.  It would be a maintain (and it is what I was doing for a week or two).  But then add in that I went a week or so without exercise while I tried to figure out what was up with the foot and you have a bad combination.   I seriously make better choices when I’m exercising regularly.  (and the exercise gives me a little leeway to not have to be so ‘perfect.) 
I don’t have grand plans.  I am only saying that I’m going to focus on keeping my calories (and nutrients…because just eating the proper amount of calories isn’t enough, it has to be PROPER nutrients for MY body).  I’m going to focus on getting at least an hour (or right about an hour) of exercise each day.  I’m going to recommit to this process. 
I rode this morning.   Had a nice ride and was happy with how I feel on my ride.  The upper body doesn’t cry out in freakish misery anymore.  I’m not going to say that my arms are not a bit achy when I ride, but it’s not an ache that lasts for the next two days.  So I KNOW I’m improving.   (I almost went down today…..the park service was putting the battlefield back into shape after the fourth of July celebration so the park maintenance guys were there and also some prison inmates were working.  I came to a stop at a major road and went to put my right foot down and found myself leaning to the left.  I jerked myself to the right and didn’t go down…thank heavens…I didn’t need to do a swan dive in front of the prison inmates.)
I am contemplating going to the gym tonightfor a little time on the elliptical.  We shall see. Right now I’m fighting the eyelids that are drooping with sleep.

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Quasi Nap Time

My mind has been uninspired of late in terms of my weight loss.  Some weeks I just have thoughts that pour forth and other weeks it’s like an arid desert….nothing there.  Ironically enough, this lack of deep thoughts (hey, they may be deep for me) usually coincides with a downward spiral in my weight loss efforts.  I know for this past week this holds true.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I was not off the charts bad with my eating.  But I have to admit that there were two days that I ate quite a few calories. (Stop worrying, quite a few is about 1800 calories….so that is still nothing outrageous…and honestly is more of a ‘maintain’ level of caloric intake.).   However, I know that while my body can handle a few days of that type of eating without showing any negative effects I know that my mind gets twisted around and messed up when I eat like that.  You see, it is so easy to start the downward spiral and all it takes is a day or two of being off track and all the old habits start to resurface.
I’ve been lucky in that this past week I’ve maintained my weight.  I’m ok with that…ecstatic actually.  But I know that I need to tighten back up if I want to lose again. 
I have been trying to ride.  I rode with my brother on the Fourth of July.  I was quite apprehensive about the ride.  Seriously? Looking at it now, I wonder why.  It’s not like my brother hasn’t always done what he can to take care of me. (Yeah, I’ve got a good….no the best, brother, and I’m not saying it because he reads this blog, I’m saying it because it’s true!)  I intrinsically knew that my brother would not have pushed me further than I could handle or leave me in the dust or laugh at my efforts.  He’s not that type of brother (well, he does laugh when I do something stupid…..but that’s his brotherly right).  So why was I afraid?   Dang, now I’m back to these irrational fears that I have.   What better way than to own up to those fears and lay it to rest.  So out riding with my brother I went.  I was nervous about the hills, I won’t lie.  I also won’t sugar coat it.  After one hill, about 5 miles in I needed a drink.  I stopped.  The world started spinning so I got off the bike and laid down beside the road for a few minutes.  I got back up and rode after a few minutes.  I THINK I was just hot because I’m not used to biking in the afternoons…in heat.  I usually ride in the early morning when it’s relatively cool.  It also could have been that I psyched myself out with this irrational fear.  Either way, I rested for a few minutes and then got up.    I usually don’t stop and put my feet on the ground for anything (other than stop signs) so I was disappointed with myself for that.  I completed it.  At one point he gave me the bail out option (very shortly after my little quasi nap on the side of the road) and my words to him were “I’m not a quitter”.   For so long I quit when it got hard.  If it hurt, I quit.  If it posed a difficult challenge, I quit.  I’m tired of being that girl. I’m tired of being that girl.  So we went onward, I just took extra precautions to drink a lot.  I’m not going to lie.  By the end of the 14.37 mile ride (with 223 feet of climbing according to I was tired and just ‘off’ from the earlier bout with the heat exhaustion. (the quasi nap helped me continue on but didn’t take all the effects away).   After some nice refreshing diet coke (ok, that’s what I laid on the side of the road longing for) and some cool air at my parent’s house, I bounced back and felt great.    Once again, the stupid fears turned out to be totally irrational.
And just to prove that I could beat the heat….on Friday after work I went out for another ride!
This weekend will prove to be a rough one for me.  The weekend plans hold quite a bit of unavoidable walking.  Normally I’d be jumping for joy because that gives me more activity.  However, with my foot I’m a bit nervous. Oh well, can’t help it.  So onward I go!

Thursday, July 04, 2013

The good, the bad and the ugly

A year ago my foot started to hurt.  I brushed it aside, laid off the exercise for a while (reading between the lines, I quit exercise for a while) and let it heal on it's own.  No need to go see a doctor!  It was just great.  Fast forward to this year.  To last week.   Tuesday I felt a twinge of an ache in my food.  I paid attention to it and within about 50 hours had admitted defeat. I admitted that I had an issue.   I panicked about taking a break from exercise.  I didn't want to stop.  I did lay off the exercise but I immediately made a doctors appointment.  I had to figure out for sure what I was dealing with.  I had to get better so I could get back out there and move.     Will it ever cease to amaze me that I'm actually liking and WANT to exercise????  What  different a year and a whole different mental attitude makes!  It's a good thing (oh heavens, I sound like Martha Stewart now...yes, you my shoot me as soon as I'm done this post!)

Now for the bad.  I did go to the doctor.  He was amused at my coming in so soon. He knows that I typically wait until it's unbearable.  He knows that I typically 'self heal'.  He's ok with that, so he knew that there was a difference in me to come in at the first twinge of an issue.  I sat there and told him my symptoms....including the symptoms from last years issues, which I thought was behind me but have kicked in full force in the last week.   He listened and then moved forward.  He held my foot in his hand and pressed his finger into the side of my heel.  I think I raised about 2 feet off the chair!  He did it a few more times with me yelping louder each time.  He grinned  (I think sadistically at my pain) and said "Oh yeah, that's definitely plantar fasciitis" . He then turned my foot to the side and ran his finger down and area on my foot.  My foot tingled and burned at the contact.  Yeah, he had found the source of the other pain. "That's Tarsal Tunnel".   Tarsal tunnel?   Yeah, it's just like carpal tunnel.....only it's in your foot.  Lucky me.  So the verdict?    Basically we have to get the plantar fasciitis under control.  He believes that the tarsal tunnel was only acting up again due to my weird gait with this plantar fasciitis thing (I haven't really had any issues with the tarsal tunnel pain in quite a few months...other than a twinge here and there).  To get the plantar fasciitis under control he recommends an arch support to take the pressure off that heel...or more specifically the tendon.  He also recommends no high impact (goodbye running and zumba) and severely limiting the low impact stuff.  He said that the typical person recovers in about 4-6 weeks.  I'm already about a week into the 'no high impact routine"  So HOPEFULLY!    What does this mean for me?   He recommended swimming.  I don't have a pool at my fingertips, so I asked about biking and got the 'that would be great" and then I brought up the elliptical at the gym.  He agreed that that would also be a great exercise for me in the interim.    So 4-6 weeks of limited activity.  That puts me RIGHT at my next scheduled 5K.  I have already registered for the donut alley rally.   The race that I've been planning on doing for quite some time.  Hmmmmm

And now for the ugly.   I could expound on the things I ate yesterday.  But lets just say that it was a BAD day.  I knowingly at a higher caloric lunch.  I was ok with that decision.  However, I was planning on eating a very low calorie (heavy on fruits and veggies) dinner.  I got involved in a household project and when 9PM rolled around and I hadn't eaten dinner yet, I didn't do well and just gorged on food.   Grilled cheese, cottage cheese and apple butter, strawberry shortcake and baked doritos.  Not bad in the grand scheme of things, but bad when you couple that with Mexican (ohhh yummy Mexican food) it wasn't a pretty picture!     Not a failure....just a day. Moving onward!

Monday, July 01, 2013

Cue the fireworks cuz they aren't for the fourth of july they are for ME!

Cue the fireworks....they will not be for my nations independence day, they will be for me.  MOI!   Me, myself and I!   Today was my official weigh day.  I don't know how I managed to show a loss.  I've been spotty at best with exercise and I've made poor eating choices, and that's being generous when I describe my previous week.  I showed up with a 2.6 loss today!  That takes me to.....100.5 pounds lost!   Yes, I am back into the more than 100 pounds lost category!   Ahhh lets take a moment to celebrate!  :-)

I'm shaking my head at the loss.  I'll take it though.  Honestly, I think I needed this loss today more than ever before.  Not just to get back into the 100 pounds lighter category, but because I've been REALLY down about this whole foot issue.  I want to run.  I want to zumba.  I want to play tennis.  I want to MOVE.   I've been grounded.  I've been stressed about the ramifications this could have on my weight loss.  I've been depressed about it.  I KNOW that weight is lost in the kitchen and not via exercise.  But the exercise gives me the leeway to not be s 'perfect' in the kitchen.  It gives me the leeway to be a normal human being.   Today seeing the scales drop and yes, getting to the 100 pounds gone goal has rejuvenated me to say "nothings going to keep me down, to hell with with the foot!"

I made an appointment for the doctor on Wednesday (they wanted to get me in today, but I would have had to call off work sick!) at 3:30.   Wish me luck.  While I'm there I'll have him look at the heel pain first of course, but also the  somewhat persistent ache that I've had forever last year (the pain that I thought I had moved past but has resurfaced with the heel pain....most likely because I"m walking on my foot in a different manner due to the heel pain).

Sooooo  next stop on this train???    Under 200 pounds baby!   I want to be in onederland!   Bring it on!  I may be grounded but I'm not out of this fight!