Monday, January 14, 2019

Weekend weight loss

Ahhh what a weekend!  I was so ready for the weekend after the last week of work.  (Ok, I’m really ready each weekend, butast week even more so!). I was anxious to get my official weight for the week and I was looking forward to the quietness and relaxation of the weekend!  I was was also determined to add some activity back into my life this weekend!  

So let’s start with the weight!   I showed exactly 2 pounds down for this new year.  (1.6 down for the last week).  Not too shabby!  But that brings me to my deep thought of the day.   How crazy is it crazy how our minds work!  I lost 2 pounds this new year (woohoo). yet I had to tamp down disappointment and disgust  at what the scales showed!  I don’t like the numbers I see.  I’m working to change those numbers, and I showed results...but I still cringed when I saw the numbers.  In reality I should have been jumping up and down with joy!  (Which would have also incidentally burned an extra calorie or two had I literally jumped up and down!). It shows how skewed our minds really get!!!  

I stumbled across an old picture of me this weekend. Part of me feels sad that I let this go!  But part of me is super motivated to get it back!!!!

My eating was about what I expected this weekend.  I was higher than my projected range.  I’m ok with this. I didn’t binge eat.  I didn’t overeat.  I didn’t go crazy with desserts.  I just had higher calorie foods...and I knew I was doing it when it happened.  It was a conscious decision.  I am not in this to live a life of total deprivation...I’m in this to live a life of health and balance.  That means that some days could be considered a failure ..but that’s ok!   I’m giving myself permission to have those days of ‘failure’.    How and I rebounding?  My lunch is packed for work salad and some fruit!   Since I indulged this past weekend, no snacks after work this upcoming week!   It’s a trade off....a balancing act!

So more good news?    On Saturday we did our errands early and headed to a local park so that Jason could fly his drone before the snow hit..  Instead of standing there immobile, I took the opportunity to walk around the field that he was standing in!  It wasn’t a whole lot, but 1.5 miles is better than none!!!!!    Even more?   On Sunday we headed out in the snow and walked 3.5 miles!  (Hard miles in a couple inches of snow!)

I am happy with my weekend.  I’m ready to face this upcoming week of healthy living!  I’m a bit stressed about some changes at work and a new activity that I will be embarking upon today. (Stressed enough and nervous enough that I kept dreaming and waking up about it.).  I’m not going to eat my stress though!!!!!!   I w got this!   Here comes Healthy Maryfran!!!