Monday, September 28, 2015

Really? I had cake!!!!

Ok, I could get used to this.  Really get used to it!   

What in the world am I talking about????   

I've tracked my food for a while now (maybe a month or two at this point...although just one day last week I just didn't have time so I didn't get my food input until the next morning...I still tracked.   The bad part?   I haven't exactly been on target with my calorie counts.   Oops.    

But this morning I stepped onto the scale and low and behold my weigh was done....just about three pounds!    I thought my eyes were deceiving me.  It was after all pretty early in the morning!  But nope...3 pounds (2.5 but seriously. If your rounding....).   I guess running just shy of 20 miles really made the difference. (18.62 miles of running plus some walking on top of that)

Secondly, I received a compliment yesterday...someone saw me and commented on the weight I've lost.  I just laughed and said 'not much weight, but thanks".  That person then went on to say 'Maryfran your being dumb...your looking much more toned and if your not losing its because your exchanging fat for muscle'.    Interesting thought...because I don't know that I see it.  (But I do well remember when I first started running religiously back in 2013 that I liked the way my body changed through running)

Hmmm...maybe I'll have to think more about this running stuff.  Maybe I won't give up on this half marathon yet. 

That said...arthritis blows chunks!  My knees ache!!!!