Friday, March 21, 2014

Rock on

A loss!!!!  I am showing a loss this week!  I'm still within that dreaded 3 pound black hole...but at the bottom end if the range!    I'm determined to stay on track this upcoming week and blow myself right out if that hellish out that I've been stuck in!!!!

Surprisingly, I've been eating quite nicely!!!!  I've managed eating out.  I've navigated evenings alone where I subconsciously binge eat.  I've made my food choices in the morning, and I've stuck with them!!!     I was all proud of myself the morning as I planed because I had extra calories.  I get to work and low and behind snacks were there.  It was a recipe that I've been wanting to try luckily I have the calories.  I'm holding off for my treat until after my lunch.  If I eat at 12 or 12:30 I can have my treat at 1...and then I only have to resist a second piece for one hour until I leave!   Ahhhhhh I've got my plan!!!!!

I'm planning to run this afternoon with a friend.   I've got to get back to running religiously.   I want the runners high.  I want the runners body.  I want the better stats when I run!!!!!  There is only one way to get those things....get out and run!!!  (And bike.....and Zumba)