Friday, September 20, 2019

The work week struggled

I have come to the conclusion that my life is full and least during the work week!  Yup, what can I say about the work week?  Not much.  I wake up, yoga, shower, drive, work, drive, make dinner, watch an hour or so of tv, sleep.....repeat.  That is why our weekends are crazy busy with activity...we are cramming it all into the weekends!  Lol

I do typically hold myself together really well on the work weeks in terms of my eating.  It is easier because I am in a pretty tight and steady routine! So that is good.   But it is difficult because adding in anything else is difficult!  It’s hard to add in something after work because I’m exhausted after an 11 hour day (sometimes longer depending on how the commute goes).  Furthermore,  If something changes it throws the balance of what I do get done off!

The balance was thrown off this week.  I have been given the temporary task of training the new hire class.  That means that I am away from my desk all day.  The emails keep daily work is still there....the requests for my assistance are still pouring in.  My breaks and lunch historically get gobbled up as I attend to those things. That hurts me because my breaks and lunches are the times that I get outside and walk!  It is my little oasis of activity!  I tried to tell myself when I started this current class that I wouldn’t let that happen.  

But day one rolled around (yesterday...Thursday) and guess who didn’t go out for a walk?   Not one walk?  Yes, that’s!   My only salvation is that I am NOT a trainer that sits on my butt...I move around a my step count didn’t suffer yesterday.  I got the same or more steps.  But still, I like my walks!  So,   I am vowing to get out for at least my lunch break today!

The weekend is right around the corner and I am happy!  I am tired and need the rest....or maybe the crazy busy that the weekends usually are!  This weekend will be extra busy as we prepare for vacation because that is right around the corner also!!!

Happy weekend!!!