Friday, July 19, 2013

Holding on

Took a sneak peak at the scales today and I was happy with what I saw.  I DO need to tighten up on the ice cream in the evening though.  NO MORE ICE CREAM!   Ok, maybe I should just say "cut down the portion of your ice cream"   ha ha ha. 

I've been getting out on my bike in the mornings and it's going well.  My body feels the workout but my body doesn't ache from the unfamiliarity of the road bike.  Today I did have a bit of a stiff kneck/upper back.  Who knows.  Did I mention that it's hotter than Hades outside?   Yeah, really hot.  Did I mention that I was out riding in it?   Oh yeah, I guess I did.  Like I said, I've been trying to get out early before the sun is bearing down full on my head. 

One foot in front of the other.......but I will say this.....if I can maintain my current weight through to my official weigh in on Monday morning I'll be buying a charm.   :-)