Tuesday, May 20, 2014

One day closer

Life just gets busier and busier!

After my run my hip hurt....BAD.  It kept waking me up on Saturday night.  On Sunday Todd and I got up early and went to a clients house.  THey had a relatively new deck that they wanted removed.  We removed it for them...and thus got a ton of pretty decent wood.  OK when I say 'we'  I mean to say that I drove the truck and I did minimal work taking down the deck.  I wanted to protect my back.  I did however sit and remove nails from boards.   So that was all morning...and a good portion of the afternoon  on Sunday.

After returning the truck to my brothers house, we ran a few errands.  Todd got a much needed haircut...I got a trim up.  We picked up a few things at Lowes (I think I should just direct deposit my paycheck directly to them for our purchases).   When we were done we were on the way home and decided to run the car through the wash.  We like the tri color wash.

Tri Color Car Wash

Monday morning dawned early.  Poor little Frawley had to go to the vet.   We tried to get him up there a few weeks back....and he caught wind of his impending neutering and he decided to run and hide.   So Monday was round two.  We caught him!   He headed to the vets office dropped him off and guess where we went.....LOWES!  Seriously,we did.   

I worked all day and had to skip zumba that evening.   My back and hip were feeling ok...the back a bit tender the hip a bit sore but not toooo bad.   HOWEVER, I skipped because little boy Frawley was ready to come home.  (OK the technician when I picked him up said he was petrified!)

Frawley's homecoming

Tuesday dawned and I was ready to work out!    After work I headed to zumba.  Here is my peeps from this Tuesdays class!   We had fun!!!!

Me, Terri, Ann, Paula and Shantel

Soooooo....I have to admit that my eating has not been spectacular........this is just rough!   Vacation is coming up soon (as in it starts on Saturday).  Vacations are notoriously difficult to stay on track.  Seriously.....this is gonna be hard!   I'm going to try to run and be religious about my activity.  I'm planning on throwing in my running clothes when we go up into NY.   There, it's out..I've vowed out loud to exercise during vacation!!!!!!