Friday, August 27, 2021

Reward Time

 It is time for a weight loss reward!  When I got serious about losing weight (again), I knew that I wanted to set up a reward system to reward my accomplishments.   I even know what the first reward was going to be.   I waited patiently (or not so patiently) until I had actually earned that reward.  Finally, the time has arrived, I have earned my reward

Rewarding yourself in a Weight Loss Journey

I am a firm believer in setting up a reward system during a weight loss journey.  Over the years of my journey, I have done this and it has been great for me. The first and most important reason that rewards are good for me is that it gives me a goal to work toward.  It is not contingent upon time.  It is strictly focused on my results.  It allows me to break down this seemingly huge amount of weight to lose into smaller more manageable sections.    For me, I chose to do that in 10 pound increments.  In the past, I have spent months losing 10 pounds but then the next 10 pounds seem to melt off overnight.  No matter, they all deserve a reward.   

Now with that said, I also decided to reward those extra big milestones also.  My general 10 pound rewards are smaller, but I go a bit more grandiose when I am celebrating a milestone.  What am I talking about when I say a milestone?  100 pounds lost.  50 pounds lost.  Weighing less than 300 pounds.  Weighing less than 200 pounds.  Your Goal weight.  Those big milestones in your weight loss journey.  Reward them!!!

There is another fabulous benefit for rewarding yourself for your weight loss efforts.  You will have either a tangible item or a fabulous memory that will serve as an anchor for you as you continue on your journey.  When I reached my goal weight the first time, years ago; I bought a nice camera for myself.  Every time I picked up that camera I knew that I had accomplished an amazing goal.  It reminded me of my efforts and helped constantly remind me of my habits and goals and journey.

Choosing Good rewards in a Weight Loss Journey

When I first started to lose weight I really struggled with setting up rewards.  My overweight mind constantly wanted to reward myself with a dinner out, an ice cream cone, a cake.  I really struggled with a reward system because all of my ideas were unhealthy and not encouraging a good healthy life.   I really struggled.   Eventually I settled upon a reward that I loved.    It wasn't food centered and it was something that I would have with me all the time.  Something that would constantly remind me of my journey and how far I had come.   I settled on a charm bracelet.    The idea worked out really well.  I bought a bracelet and each time I lost 10 pounds, I bought a new charm.  The charm was picked out to show something about the ten pounds.  One was a turtle because the ten pounds had taken so long to lose.  Another charm was a tennis shoe because I had started to run during that 10 pound period.  Each charm reminded me of that specific stage of the journey.   

Another important aspect is to base your planned rewards on something that is feasible for your budget.  I had grand plans for all sorts of rewards at one point in my journey.  But when I would get to that milestone, I didn't have the funds to attain the reward, so I would shelve it.  I was still losing but the reward system didn't work for me.  Plan rewards accordingly!

My newest Weight Loss Reward

The time has come.  When I started seriously losing again I was only 1.6 pounds away from the nice even number of 250. Yes, I was 251.6 pounds.  I knew I was going to be rewarding myself for every ten pounds, but I made a decision to make my first reward when I crossed below 240 pounds.  It took me about 9 weeks, but I finally reached that goal!   

My reward was picked out long before I got serious about losing weight again.  I saw this teeshirt online months ago and knew I wanted it.  But I had decided that it was going to be my first weight loss reward.  So I waited....and waited  and waited for myself to start getting serious and lose the weight!    I've been thinking about it for quite some time!  So without further it is!  A tee shirt about my Green Cheek Conure

This teeshirt is perfect for me as Kiwi has been a bit nippy toward me.  He is getting better, but this shirt TOTALLY shows how he is with me.  (Jason doesn't get bit near as much as I do!)  I've been waiting for months to get it and it arrived on Monday.  I have washed it and I am SOO excited to wear my 10 pounds lost teeshirt!

Stay tuned.....I'm determined that there will be more 10 pound rewards earned!  I've got this!!!!!!

Of course I had to include a picture of Kiwi...the bird that inspired my reward!